DeWalt Table Saw DWE7491 XE Review

Boasting a portable design while delivering serious brawn, the DeWalt table saw DWE7491 is an impressive power tool — suitable for short-of-space home improvers or hardworking tradies requiring a transportable machine.

Powered by its grunty 2000-watt motor, the unit knocks out a rapid 3800 RPM — allowing you to speedily slice through even the most stubborn of timbers. And, featuring an incorporated upper blade guard — it keeps delicate digits away from the machine’s hazardous cutting edge.

With a 742 x 577 mm base and weighing 26.6 kg, the DWE7491 permits on-site portability. Furthermore, its dust extractor adaptor allows you to remove annoying and hazardous saw dust from your work area.

An expandable rack and pinion fence ensure material stability and cutting accuracy — while its steel roll cage defends the machine from accidental bumps and knocks. What’s more, its precise mitre gauge enables effortless angled cutting.

The XE DWE7491 hails from the mighty DeWalt — a US company with a proud 100-year history in the design and manufacture of quality power tools. This model is the entry machine in its Australia-wide table saw range — a step below the 5800 RPM DWE7485.

DWE7491-XE Reviews


  • Suitable for hardcore DIYers and tradies.
  • Portable and compact build.
  • Accurate fence system.
  • Robust roll cage construction.
  • Bevel/mitre function.


  • Cutting table is easily marked with little use.
  • Loud operation — requires ear defenders with use.

Features and Benefits of the DeWalt DWE7491-XE Table Saw

Let’s get down to the serious business and discover exactly what this machine has to offer the discerning DIYer and pro tradie:

Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fences

Incorporating an accurate rack and pinion system, the table saw permits you to precisely adjust the fences to accommodate your target material. 

With an already generous table size of 670 x 630 mm — added to the ability for the fences to telescope and be locked in place — it permits the use of large lumber despite the machine’s portable size.


Relatively lightweight and with a compact tabletop design — the DeWalt DWE7491XE offers welcome transportability.

If you’re a tradie, it permits you to move the unit from job location to location — and to fit snugly into your work van. And, if you’re a DIYer or home-improver, it allows you to position the tool on your table, desk, or workbench while in use — and then store it away effortlessly in a shed or garage.

Steel Roll Cage

Moving the tool from site to site comes with the inherent risks of knocks, bumps, and drops — accidents that could not only damage your machine, but also impair its accuracy.

Reassuringly, the machine’s steel roll cage provides welcome safeguarding against impacts — elongating the lifespan of your tool.

Bevel/Mitre Gauge

Should your trade or DIY projects include architrave fitting, cabinet making, or picture frame building — you need an accurate method to create angled cuts.

Adjusted by a generous front-mounted wheel — combined with an easy-to-read scale — the DeWalt DWE7491 enables you to make bevels and mitres from zero to 48 degrees. With a cutting depth of 79 mm at zero degrees, and 57 mm at 45 degrees — it offers more than sufficient capacity for the most common angled cutting jobs.

Safety Features

With a heavy focus on user safeguarding, this machine gives reassuring safety — even if you’re new to table saw cutting.

Its substantial blade guard keeps wandering fingers away from the brawny cutting edge — while an included push stick ensures your hands can remain at a safe distance from the blade. And, with heavily rubberised feet, the tool stays pleasingly secure and unlikely to ‘walk’ or vibrate even during intense operation.

Included Accessories

In addition to the saw, the DeWalt DWE7491 arrives with:

  • 24-tooth, 254 mm saw blade.
  • Detachable mitre fences.
  • Two blade spanners.
  • Parallel fence.
  • Pushing stick to save damaged fingers!

DeWalt Table Saw DWE7491 XE Specifications

DWE7491 XE


26.6 kg

Blade Size

254 mm


742 x 577 x 425 mm


3800 RPM


2000 watts

Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees

57 mm

Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees

79 mm

Maximum Rip at Right of Blade

825 mm

Maximum Rip at Left of Blade

558 mm

Table Size (unexpanded)

670 x 630 mm

Maximum Noise Output

106 dBA

What Do Users Say About the DeWalt Table Saw DWE7491 XE?

In my view, the DWE7491XE from DeWalt is a powerful and portable cutting tool for the enthusiastic DIYer and tradie.

However, to ensure a fully comprehensive review, I delved into the views of genuine users of this tool — to grasp exactly how this table saw functions in real-world applications and environments.

Pleasingly, the opinions expressed by owners of the DWE7491/XE were positive — with users agreeing with my own feelings. These guys welcomed the robust steel roll cage design, applauded the accuracy of the mitre gauge, and celebrated the machine’s compact transportable size.

Sure, it wasn’t praised across the board.

One owner of the saw was shocked by the unit’s loud noise emission — considering 106 dBA excessive even for a mighty cutting tool. Another disappointed user felt that the blade guard required greater transparency — as he struggled to see the penetration point with the shield in place.

Yet, despite these two negatives, all the guys felt that the DeWalt table saw was a durable, reliable, and powerful machine.

Alternatives to the XE DWE7491 DeWalt

If you’ve read this review and feel that the DWE-7491-XE doesn’t quite meet your demands, don’t give up yet!

I’ve sourced some equally impressive alternatives that may be more applicable to your projects and preferences:

HiKOKI Table Saw with Folding Stand and Castors 1500 W

If you’re happy with the portability of the DWE7491, but lack table or bench space to use it — consider the C10RJ(H1Z).

Like the DeWalt tool, this saw offers a 254 mm blade and mitre gauge — but also includes a detachable table stand. Furthermore, with a twin-wheeled design, it permits you to effortlessly steer the tool from job site to site.

  • Easier on your wallet than the DeWalt.
  • 1500-watt motor compared to the 2000 watts of the DWE7491.
  • Includes a fully transparent blade guard, unlike the DeWalt saw.

Makita MLT100N/2 1500W 

Impressed by the mitre gauge function of the DWE7491 — yet consider its cutting depth insufficient for your thick timber? If so, check out the MLT100N/2.

Delivering 93 mm penetration at 90 degrees and 64 mm at 45 degrees — this Makita table saw allows you to make angled cuts in larger pieces of lumber than the DeWalt. And, with an output of 4300 RPM, it operates at a higher speed intensity than the DWE7491XE.

  • Larger footprint than the DeWalt table saw.
  • More affordable than the DWE 7491 XE.
  • Smaller motor than the DeWalt, 1500-watt compared to 2000-watt.

Metabo TS 36-18 LTX

Should you need the portability of the DeWalt unit, but also demand the freedom from cable tethering — check out the TS36-18 LTX.

This Metabo table saw not only arrives with a lightweight stand and transport wheels, but also provides cordless operation. Driven by 2×18 volt lithium-ion cells — not included — the machine requires no access to mains power.

  • More premium price than the DWE7491XE.
  • 5000 RPM compared to the DeWalt’s 3800 RPM.
  • Nine kilos heavier than the DWE7491 at 34.4 kg.


Transportable, brawny, and safety-focused — the DWE7491XE table saw from DeWalt is a reliable unit that’s as suited to the DIY enthusiast as the tradie.

With a 254mm table saw blade it delivers impressive lumber penetration, while its telescoping rack and pinion fences permit the address of large timber sheets. Its robust steel roll cage ensures on-site durability, while an accurate mitre gauge guarantees clean and precise angled penetration.

Sure, the unit is loud — although that’s expected considering its grunty 2000-watt motor. And, the protective blade guard could have been designed with more transparency for better cutting visuals.But, if you need a dependable table saw from a premium manufacturer and at an affordable price point — I recommend checking out the DeWalt Table Saw DWE7491.

DeWalt DWE7491 Table Saw FAQs

Where Can I Find the DWE7491 DeWalt Table Saw Manual?

As you’d expect from a respected manufacturer, the official DeWalt website hosts manuals for all its current power tools. However, to save you time searching — here is the DWE 7491 XE manual.

Where Can I Buy the DWE 7491XE DeWalt Table Saw in Australia?

With a grunty 2000-watt motor and a generous 254 mm blade — the DWE7491-XE from DeWalt is a powerful and deep-cutting table saw. Buy the DWE7491-XE.

Can I Get a DeWalt 1850w 254mm Table Saw in Australia?

Yes! The DWE7485-XE is an 1850-watt table saw that incorporates a 10-inch (254 mm) blade, offers an incredibly rapid 5800 RPM, and weighs just 22 kg — making it surprisingly portable.

What Size Blade Is a DeWALT 7491 Table Saw?

The DWE 7491 XE arrives with a 24-tooth 10-inch (254 mm blade). This gives the table saw a maximum 825 mm cutting capacity to the right of the blade.

DeWalt DWE7491RS vs DWE7491XE Difference?

Both models incorporate exactly the same table saw with identical specifications. The only difference is that the RS model arrives complete with a wheeled, quad stand — not included in the XE version.

What Is the Best Portable Table Saw?

Boasting 3800 RPM from its 2000-watt motor, incorporating a substantial 254 mm blade, and with a steel roll cage built for durability — in my opinion, the best table saw is the DeWalt DWE7491 XE. Check out the full DWE 7491 XE review.