Bunnings Paint Sprayers are suited to professionals, DIY enthusiasts and beginners. So, whether you’re a tradie or an avid home improvement hobbyist, there’s bound to be a machine suitable for you. 

With the help of a paint gun, you can cover more area with higher efficiency than your trusty paintbrush or roller. Moreover, a paint sprayer allows you to colour your walls without stressing over imperfections interrupting your work.

From airless and HVLP units to replacement tips, and parts — and including two of the biggest brands from the power painting arena — Wagner and Titan. The range of Bunnings Paint Sprayers is comprehensive and complements your every project

But, before you go to Bunnings to buy a paint sprayer, check out our top picks.

Tool Cobbers’ Top Picks of Bunnings Paint Sprayers 

Tradies Bunnings Paint Sprayer Top Picks

Titan Impact 400 Airless Paint Sprayer

Format: Airless 

Flow rate: 1.6 litres per minute 

Cup capacity N/A – Airless

PSI: 3000  

  • Includes 15-metre hose.
  • Portable design.
  • Longer life motor.

DIY Bunnings Paint Sprayer Top Pick 

Wagner Flexio 575 Paint Sprayer

Format: HVLP

Flow rate: 500 ml per minute 

Cup capacity: 1300 ml


  • Innovative i-Spray attachment.
  • Powerful X-boost turbine.
  • Fully adjustable spray jet.

Beginner/Budget Bunnings Paint Sprayer 

Ozito 400W Power Paint Gun

Format: HVLP 

Flow rate: 450 ml per minute 

Cup capacity: 800 ml 

PSI: Not disclosed 

  • Detachable spray head.
  • Spray regulator.
  • Adjustable spray pattern.

If you want any of these highly-efficient Bunnings Paint Sprayers, there’s no need to wait. Grab yours from Bunnings now! 

Bunnings Paint Sprayers Reviews 

Want to know more about our top picks? We’ve discussed each product in detail below to give you a general idea about which one will suit you best.

Titan Impact 400 Airless Paint Sprayer

For tradies, efficiency and reliability are essential requirements. We feel the Titan Impact 400 Airless spray gun from Bunnings exceeds that criteria. 

Featuring Quad+ ™ self-adjusting packings that double the output generating power of the sprayer, limits downtime, and makes the spray gun more durable. What’s more, pushing out 3000 PSI, the average flow rate of this product is 1.6 litres per minute — ideal for rapid coverage of standard primers and interior/exterior coatings. 

Arriving with a High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) tip, it reduces overspray — curbing wastage. And, a 15-metre hose limits the need to move the unit too often. 

Weighing only 13.6 kg, its lightweight (for its category) and compact build is ideal for carrying from job to job with minimal effort. This airless paint sprayer from Bunnings is more than capable of accomplishing small commercial and residential projects on a regular basis. 


  • Durable and robust 1000-watt DC motor.
  • Includes a 15-metre hose.
  • Extensive 4-year warranty. 
  • HEA tip — avoids overspray.


  • Spray rate may not be sufficient for larger commercial projects.

Wagner Flexio 575 Paint Sprayer

Hailing from the Wagner Flexio range — this Wagner Spray Gun from Bunnings combines power, efficiency, and versatility — a perfect combo for the keen DIYer with plenty of painting tasks to tackle.

Incorporating proprietary X Boost ™ turbine technology, you can use it for many water-based coatings — for internal and external walls, fencing, decking, etc. — without the need for pre-dilution. It also includes an i-Spray attachment for fine finishes, which permits the use of wood lacquers, stains, and varnishes.  

Moreover, a high/low air flow setting allows you to tailor the Bunnings Wagner spray gun to the thickness of your chosen medium. And, with 12 volume increments, you can fine-tune your paint flow precisely to the size of your target surface — enabling you to achieve that pro-look finish, even your wife will appreciate.

This gun has the ability to cover 3 square metres per minute — considerably faster than using a brush or roller method. In short, with the Wagner paint sprayer Bunnings, you can easily paint a standard room within 15 minutes!


  • Quick and highly functional spray nozzle.
  • Fine needles to give a perfect paint finishing.
  • Low atomisation — less over-spray.
  • Controlled and precise paint spraying.


  • Cleaning up this Bunnings Wagner spray gun may take a while.

Ozito 400W Power Paint Spray Gun

The Ozito 400W Power Paint HVLP Spray Gun at Bunnings is a great find for the budget-conscious or light users. Yet, while it may have a lower price point, it doesn’t scrimp on features. 

It comes with a spray regulator, allowing you to control the quantity of paint being sprayed. It also has an adjustable nozzle, permitting three different spraying patterns — horizontal for up-and-down motion, vertical for side-to-side and round for fine detail — enabling you to achieve an even finish.   

What’s more, the Ozito paint spraying gun can easily handle both your typical water-based or oil-based mediums you’d use for applications around the home and garden — doors, walls, outbuildings, furniture, etc. 

And, when you’ve completed your impressive handiwork, the easy-to-dismantle design makes the cleanup effortless. All in all, in our opinion, the Ozito is a good-value-for-money paint gun that Bunnings include in their range. 


  • Suitable for home-based painting tasks.
  • Includes viscosity cup and cleaning tool.
  • Easy-clean detachable head.
  • Allows you to control paint flow.


  • Clogging can occur.


Bunnings’ Paint Sprayers lineup is user-friendly, efficient, and highly functioning for professionals and DIYers. The above discussed are our top picks. You should select the one that suits your painting project’s complexities. However, if you’re interested in more paint sprayers, check out Bunnings’ complete range

Bunnings Paint Sprayer FAQs

What Is the Difference Between Airless and HVLP Spray Gun Bunnings?

There are a few variables between these two formats: 

  • Airless — operates at high pressure. 
  • HVLP — employs low pressure.
  • Airless — better for large surfaces that require covering rapidly.  
  • HVLP — ideal for fine finishes and intricate work.
  • Airless — driven by a piston/pump. 
  • HVLP — powered by either a built-in turbine or connected to an air compressor. 

Is it Worth Getting a Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers not only get the job done faster, but they do also provide a more even finish.

Is a Paint Sprayer Better Than a Paint Roller?

Yes, if you want a smoother paint finish within a minimum time, a paint sprayer is the ideal choice. With a roller, it’ll take longer and it’s way more physical. 

Is it Okay to Use Diluted Paint With Airless Paint Sprayer?

Yes. You can even use undiluted metal, wood, and acrylic paints in it too.

Do Paint Sprayers Need a Lot of Paint?

A paint sprayer uses more paint than a roller or a brush. But with controlled paint sprayer volume and pressure, you can reduce overspray and save your colour and time.

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