Power Tool Manufacturers

Power tool manufacturers have an increasingly large presence in Australia, and the most prominent are featured below. These companies also commonly produce accessories for their tools, and in some cases machinery too. The various power tool brands have been divided into the following categories to allow you to make a decision from a select group that best suit your requirements. For more information on a particular brand and a link to it’s Australian website, simply click on it’s logo.

Entry-Level Power Tool Brands

These power tool brands are designed to suit both the budget and limited needs of beginner power tool users. They generally feature hassle-free replacement warranties, will usually just house basic features, and are great for the consumer who just wants to complete the job at hand.


DIY Power Tool Brands

DIY tools are designed toward more advanced home users who are involved in DIY projects. They offer more features, are better quality, and have greater support for spare parts. Their warranties are good but only cover home use.

Trade Power Tool Brands

Trade tools are made to accommodate the frequent and rigorous work associated with trade use. They are designed to get the job done and are built with premium components. They also have great support for spare parts after their (usually) short-term warranty expires.

Craftsman Power Tool Brands

Craftsman power tools are the best tools that money can buy, and are designed for unmatched precision, innovation and quality. They usually have an extensive heritage, and are known the world over for their dedication to excellence.

Specialist Power Tool Brands

Specialist tool brands only manufacture one or two types of power tools, but they do so with great innovation and precision.

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