Bunnings table saws are perfect for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and tradies. So, whether you’re making a wooden table for your home or need something that can handle your professional woodwork demands — you’ll find a suitable option at Bunnings.

A table saw enables you to make bevel and mitre cuts, plus rip or cross-cut large lengths and sheet materials safely, accurately, and rapidly.

If you’re all set to buy a table saw, Bunnings is the right place. Bunnings’ table saw range is comprehensive and designed to deal with your every project. However, before you go to Bunnings to purchase a table saw, check out our top picks!

Tool Cobbers’ Top Picks of Bunnings Table Saws

Tradies Bunnings Tool Saw Top Pick

DeWalt 254mm 2000w Corded Table Saw

Max cut depth: 79 mm

Motor power: 2000 watts

Motor speed: 3800 RPM

Dimensions: 75 x 35 x 86 cm

Weight: 26.6 kilos

  • Steel roll cage protection.
  • Quick bevel lock for fast adjustment.
  • Fence system with 410 mm of rip capacity.

DIY Bunnings Table Saw Top Pick

Ryobi 1800W 254mm Table Saw

Max cut depth: 80 mm

Motor power: 1800 watts

Motor speed: 4500 RPM

Dimensions: 80 x 78 x 46 cm 

Weight: 26.8 kilos

  • Soft start feature with the premium blade.
  • Folding stand to adjust position.
  • Dust port at the side of the table.

Beginner Bunnings Table Saw Top Pick

Ozito 2000W 254mm Table Saw

Max cut depth: 80 mm

Motor power: 2000 watts

Motor Speed: 4250 RPM

Dimensions: 68 x 34 x 60.5 cm

Weight: 26 kilos 

  • Side and rear extractions on the table.
  • Adjustable blade height and bevel lock. 
  • Includes a push stick for safety.

If any of these Bunnings table saws have caught your attention, don’t wait — check them out at Bunnings now! 

Bunnings Table Saws Reviews

Want to know more about our above-mentioned Bunnings table saws? Let’s check them out in detail to help you decide which one is right for you. 

DeWalt 254mm 2000w Corded Table Saw

Featuring a powerful 2000-watt motor, this DeWalt table saw from Bunnings is an ultimate pick for tradies who want an efficient, robust and reliable tool. 

The Quick bevel lock with an accompanying scale makes it easy to adjust the wood to your desired position. Plus, the front and back rip fence hold the wood in place — permitting precision cuts effortlessly. 

What else stands out? A steel roll cage that keeps your saw safe from all the on-site damages and possible impacts. And, weighing only 26.6 kg with an optimised footprint, this equipment is portable, making it easy for you to carry it from site to site — hassle-free. 


  • Includes dust extraction adaptors.
  • High-speed motor ensures quick and efficient cutting.
  • Portable and lightweight. 
  • Smooth and easy-to-use guide bar system.


  • Guide bar may lack length for longer cuts. 

Ryobi 1800W 254mm Table Saw

The Ryobi table saw is built with the demands of DIY enthusiasts in mind. As in, for those who seek something super reliable to make impressive woodwork designs or carry out carpentry projects around the home. 

Featuring an 1800-watt motor, capable of cutting at 45 and 90 degrees, and it’s equipped with a 254 mm blade. This Ryobi table saw from Bunnings is more than ideal for home-use table sawing applications. 

An electronic soft start option means there’s no compromise on user safety. Plus, the bench saw from Bunnings arrives with a dust port on the side connect it with any extraction unit and you have a dust-free working environment. 

One notable nice touch — its folding stand and wheels. So, fuss-free to move around and fold up when not in use.


  • Includes mitre gauge, table extension, blade, push stick, and guide bar.
  • Comes with wheels for easy manoeuvring.
  • Suitable for cutting fibreboard, hard and soft woods.
  • Includes blade guard system to keep the user safe and secure.


  • Not suitable for commercial use.

Ozito 2000W 254mm Table Saw

Beginners look for something safe and straightforward to operate, and this Ozito Bench Saw is designed precisely for this purpose. With a 2000-watt motor, you can use the Ozito saw table to cut and shape timber or woodworking products. 

Consisting of a large work table, rear extensions, and side tables, this tool offers maximum stability while cutting larger sections as well as smaller workpieces. It also includes a 254 mm blade and a protection push stick to ensure sharp and secure work. 

You can adjust the blade accordingly to rip and make bevel and mitre cuts on timber, plywood, etc. Plus, there’s a dust collector to keep the workspace clean during extensive woodwork. And, don’t miss out on the slip-resistant rubber feet offering excellent stability.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Reachable push stick for safe operation.
  • Includes a dust collector that prevents dust from spreading around.
  • Can rotate the angle to get the desired woodcut.
  • Slip-resistant feet — make it sturdy and stable.


  • Short operating time — duty cycle of 40% (per 10 minutes). 


All the Bunnings Table Saws are efficient and designed with top-notch safety features. DIY enthusiasts, professionals, and even beginners — everyone can easily find the most suitable table saw at Bunnings. Are you interested to see more table saws? Check out Bunnings complete collection now.

Bunnings Table Saws FAQs 

What Is the Best Tooth Count for Table Saw?

The tooth count depends on the cut and the type of wood you’re sawing. 

  • Ripping solid wood — 24 to 30 teeth.
  • Cross-cutting or sawing plywood — 40 to 80 teeth.
  • Cutting MDF and crafted wooden material — 50 to 80 teeth.

Is a 15 Amp Table Saw Powerful?

Yes — and mainly used by professionals to cut wood rapidly and smoothly. 

What Are the Three Types of Table Saws?

  • Jobsite saw — lightweight, budget-friendly, compact, and portable.
  • Cabinet table saw — no match in efficiency and accuracy, but highly expensive.
  • Contractor saw — relatively large but easy to move around with a little help and is slightly more expensive than a jobsite saw.

How Deep Can a 254mm Table Saw Cut?

On average, it can cut a thick wood 88.9 mm deep — at a 90-degree cut capacity. 

What Should I Look For in a Table Saw?

  • Accurate mitre gauge — with stops at 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Flat top for precise cuts.
  • Fence parallel to the blade with a solid lock.
  • Easily changeable blade.
  • Adjustable bevel.
  • Dust port that connects to a vacuum.
  • Power — depending upon your present and future tasks.