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Best Heat Guns in 2023 — Buyers Guide, Comparison, and Reviews

Should you opt for one single piece of equipment for your toolkit — go for a heat gun. Straightforward to operate, even for the first-time user, heat guns deliver unmatched adaptability — able to address a plethora of projects from plumbing to electrical.

These corded or battery-driven units expel a targeted stream of hot air onto your chosen medium — permitting you to address a multitude of jobs such as thawing pipes, heat shrinking, car wrapping, and paint stripping. 

Heat Gun Top Picks 

HiKoki RH18DA
  • Airflow: 200/300 lpm
  • Temperature: 30-550 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Cord length: Cordless 18-volt


  • Compact head.
  • 10-degree heat control.
  • Includes three nozzles.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Toolmart HiKoki RH18DA Review HiKoki RH18DA Review
Dewalt D26414K-XE
DeWalt Heat Gun
  • Airflow: 650 lpm
  • Temperature: 50-600 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.85 kg
  • Cord length: 2.0 metres


  • Temperature memory setting.
  • Complete kit with case.
  • 12 nozzle accessories.

Product Rating: 4.8/5

Check Price at Toolmart DeWalt Heat Gun Review DeWalt Heat Gun Review
DeWalt Heat Gun
Metabo HGE 23-650
  • Airflow: 150/500 lpm
  • Temperature: 80-650 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Cord length: Four metres


  • Includes two nozzles.
  • Rear-mounted controls.
  • Non-slip handle.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Check Price at Toolmart Metabo HGE 23-650 Review Metabo HGE 23-650 Review
Horusdy 2-in-1 YCD-8582D
  • Airflow: 120 lpm
  • Temperature: 100-480 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 2.89 kg
  • Cord length: 2.0 metres


  • Combination hot air gun and solder station.
  • Heat gun holster.
  • Includes 22 accessories.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

Check Price at Amazon Horusdy 2-in-1 YCD-8582D Review Horusdy 2-in-1 YCD-8582D Review
WORX 20V Reciprocating Saw
WORX ‎WX743.9
  • Airflow: Undeclared
  • Temperature: 260 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Cord length: 1.2-metre cord with 20-volt cell


  • Mini build.
  • Incorporated stand.
  • Novel cord and battery design.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

Check Price at Amazon WORX Heat Gun Review WORX Heat Gun Review
Seekone SDL-2816 Heat Gun
  • Airflow: 250-500 lpm
  • Temperature: 50-600 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Cord length: 1.6 metres


  • Large LCD screen.
  • Twin fan speed.
  • Arrives with four nozzles.

Product Rating: 4.6/5

Check Price at Amazon Seekone SDL-2816 Heat Gun Review Seekone SDL-2816 Heat Gun Review
Black and Decker KX1650-XE
  • Airflow: Undeclared
  • Temperature: 460-600 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Cord length: 2.0 metres


  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Twin fan speed.
  • Includes hanging hook.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

Check Price at Amazon Black and Decker KX1650-XE Review Black and Decker KX1650-XE Review

What Is a Heat Gun?

Housed similarly to a power drill, and held in the same gun grip, hot air machines include two essential systems — a fan and a heating element or coil.

When attached to mains electricity or a lithium-ion cell, the element heats up to a predetermined temperature controlled by a thermostat. The fan blows cool air over the element, permitting a flume of high-heat air to leave the gun nozzle.

Think of it as an industrial-grade hairdryer, but one that’s sufficiently powerful to melt paint — or your flowing mane if you get it close enough.

Our Heat Gun Guide to Buying

It doesn’t matter if you’re a car enthusiast, serious DIYer, hobbyist, or trade pro — every Australian needs a heat gun in their tool arsenal.

Your paint gun coats walls and your saw cuts wood — but, like most home improvement kit, they’re one-trick ponies.

Heat guns are different.

These viscounts of versatility can address more jobs than perhaps any other piece of hardware. While not even coming close to an exhaustive list, you can utilise a hot air machine to:

  • Strip paint, stains, and varnish.
  • Remove stickers, glues, and decals.
  • Roast coffee beans.
  • Thaw frozen plumbing and pipes.
  • Remove vinyl flooring.
  • Age wood.
  • Remove oxidised nuts and bolts.
  • Wrap cars.
  • Tint automotive windscreens.
  • Shrink wrap.
  • Solder and desolder.
  • Stretch leather.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers.

Comparison of Heat Gun Categories

Despite all units sharing the same key characteristic of delivering a plume of directional heat — hot air guns vary in design, format, and function. These differences make the units more or less applicable to individual users and projects. 

The main categories are:

Digital Heat Guns

wagner-ht4500.jpgAlso known as LCD heat guns — as they unsurprisingly incorporate an LCD screen — these machines are masters of tailorability. Allowing you to select precise output fan speeds and temperature levels — typically in small increments — it elevates their accuracy, and permits you to choose the ideal settings for your current job.

  • LCD screen.
  • Button control for fan and temperature.
  • Wide temperature spectrum.

Automotive Heat Guns

Seekone-SDL2816-ReviewTargeting the motor enthusiast, these machines boast the most suitable temperatures and heat output delivery for working on automotives. Their versatility enables them to work on jobs as varied as removing decals, tinting windows, vinyl wrapping, and light electricals — and usually arrive complete with car-focused interchangeable nozzles.

  • Lengthy power cords for ease of access.
  • Substantial controls permitting operation in gloved hands.
  • Multitude of tips to adjust heat delivery.

Electronics Heat Gun

Yihua-862BD-ReviewWhether you’re an electronics maestro, PCB builder, or simply salvage components from old electronic devices — you need a specialised electronics heat gun. Typically incorporating both a soldering iron and hot air gun for desoldering — they often include twin independent heat control and temperature ranges suited to delicate circuit board work. They’re also known as reworking stations.

  • Tightly-focused gun nozzles.
  • Heat ranges from 100-480 degrees Celsius.
  • Highly-adjustable airflow control.

Mini Heat Gun

WORX 20V Cordless MAKERX Mini Heat Gun.More compact than their standard-sized siblings, their mini design enables them to deliver precise heat delivery, accurate control, and pencil-grip manipulation. Although suitable for both DIY and craftwork, they lack the heat output for the usual applications of stripping paint or removing varnish. But, still knocking out around 200-300 degrees Celsius, they can be used to remove glues, melt embossing powder, and heat-shrink sheaths.

  • Storable in drawers or toolboxes.
  • Low wattage compared to standard machines.
  • Nozzle protectors to safeguard fingers.

Cordless Heat Guns

DeWalt-DCE530B-ReviewWhile unusual in the heat gun sector — since hot air requires significant power to generate — premium manufacturers have created some impressive cordless units. Releasing you from the handcuffs of a power lead, they’re portable units that offer increased flexibility. While unable to reach the high temps of electric units, they still push out around 500+ degrees Celsius.

  • Offer around 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • Removes hazards of cables.
  • Can be used anywhere.

Budget Heat Guns

BLACK+DECKER 1750W Heat Gun Kit _KX1650A-XE.Focusing on the casual DIYer and novice, budget heat guns permit affordable entry into the heat gun arena. While not boasting higher-end features and capabilities such as digital control, numerous nozzles, or cordless operation — these machines still possess sufficient temperature intensity to strip paint, thaw pipes, melt glue, and defrost freezers. Furthermore, while reliably built, they lack the robustness to cope with intense, daily operation.

  • Straightforward to operate.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Lack of accessories.

Safety When Using a Heat Gun

When used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions — heat guns are perfectly safe. That said, these flexible tools still deliver dangerous high temperatures, so should still be treated with the utmost respect.

When picking your perfect hot air machine in Australia, look for the following safety features:

  • Cord protector — a reinforcing cover where the mains cable meets the gun, preventing wear and tear and shielding against disconnection.
  • Ventilation slits — to defend the unit against overheating.
  • Nozzle guards — usually on mini guns to prevent scorched fingers.
  • Overload protector — switches off the heat gun should internal temperatures become too high.

Furthermore, I recommend following my below top ten tips for heat gun safety:

  1. Don’t touch the nozzle when plugged in or with a battery attached.
  2. Don’t operate in rain or moist environments.
  3. Always wear protective gear.
  4. Don’t wear loose clothing when operating a hot air gun.
  5. Never block the ventilation slits.
  6. Keep the heat gun away from your face, hair, and clothing.
  7. Keep the gun at least 10 mm away from your target material.
  8. Always direct the heat gun away from your body.
  9. Never use the hot air machine on flammable materials.
  10. Ensure any extension cords are suitably rated for your heat gun’s amperage.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Heat Gun

Since heat guns vary in format, features, prices, and capabilities — it’s crucial you select a machine that’s suitable for your personal preferences and the demands of your projects.

I suggest considering the following factors when choosing the best heat gun in Australia:

Temperature Range

Perhaps the most important consideration — if your heat gun cannot reach the temperatures demanded by your project(s), it’s somewhat pointless.

As a general guide, here are the heat levels needed for numerous jobs. All temperatures are in Celsius:

75-100 degrees — tinting windows.

80-140 degrees — wrapping cars with vinyl.

115-265 degrees — desoldering components.

150-265 degrees — removing stickers.

170-225 degrees — moulding plastics.

170-210 degrees — shrinking cable sheaths.

210-365 degrees — drying varnish and paint.

265-365 degrees — leather repairs.

265-430 degrees — shrink wrapping.

365-390 degrees — pipe thawing.

380-590 degrees — stripping paint.

540-650 degrees — loosening oxidised nuts and bolts.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in temperature control, within a few degrees, consider a digital heat gun that permits accurate heat selection.

Corded or Battery-Powered

Mains-lead heat guns have the advantages of not needing recharging, usually offering higher temperatures than their cordless counterparts, and being easier on your wallet.

Battery-powered machines allow you to operate away from mains outlets, and permit access to more confined spaces without having to worry about power cords.

Bear in mind that cordless heat guns can only run off a single charge for around 30-40 minutes. 

Size and Weight

While not always the case, larger more hefty units generally offer higher temperatures than smaller heat guns — as they house bigger heating elements and fan systems.

The downside of a substantial machine is that it can cause hand and arm fatigue — especially on longer projects.

Furthermore, those lacking in muscle strength, or of more senior years, may benefit from a lighter, more compact, hot air gun.

Job Specific or General

It’s tempting to go for the mother-of-all heat guns with a massive temperature spectrum, theoretically permitting you to tackle any and all hot air jobs. But, this isn’t always the best decision.

All-singing-and-all-dancing units are going to hit your pocket harder than more simple machines — and often mean you’re paying for heat levels you just don’t need.

Furthermore, an all-around unit may lack the distinctive features required for particular jobs. For example, a high-end wide temperature gun may offer the correct temperature to melt crafting glue — but it’s unwieldy and cumbersome when you demand precision to make a birthday card for your aunt.


The airflow, usually measured in lpm — litres per minute — affects the heat distribution and focus.

For targeted heating, such as desoldering a PCB component, you need low airflow. If you go all-out on the highest fan setting and blast hot air everywhere, you could end up with a melted circuit board or the wrong desoldered parts.

Conversely, for large projects where you need to cover a wide area, for example, stripping paint, you need high airflow.

For most projects, the ideal heat gun settings are a balance of temperature output, fan speed, and nozzle choice.


Some heat guns arrive with a variety of nozzles — permitting you to tailor the heat delivery and distribution to suit your target material.

While you can purchase these gun tips separately, they’re not universally sized. This means if your machine doesn’t arrive with nozzles, you’re either tied into purchasing nozzles from your machine’s original manufacturer, or have to take potluck with a third-party tip.

Therefore, I’d suggest choosing a heat gun that comes with a few nozzles included — at minimum, a fantail, pipe, and narrow focus tip.

Best Heat Guns To Buy In Australia

HiKoki RH18DA 18V Cordless Heat Gun

HiKoki RH18DA Cordless Heat Gun.

Our Rating: 4.8

Driven by an 18-volt lithium cell — not included — the RH18DA is a powerful cordless hot air gun that offers portability and tight-space access. With its snub head design, it excels in confined areas such as working beneath floors, inside cupboards, and between floor joists.

Knocking out 30 to 550 degrees Celsius, this heat gun is suitable for a plethora of projects, from shrink wrapping to removing decals. And, arriving complete with three nozzles — wide, pipe, and focus — it permits the correct form of hot air delivery depending on the demands of your target medium.



Hands-free nozzle removal.


Built-in hanging hook.


Straightforward to use.



Runtime limited compared to corded.

Dewalt D26414K-XE 2000W Corded Digital Heat Gun Kit

DeWalt D26414K-XE Heat Gun Kit.

Our Rating: 4.8

Permitting temperature adjustment in 50-degree increments — anywhere from 50 to 600 degrees Celsius — the digital D26414K-XE allows you to choose the ideal heat setting for your project. And, with memory saving, there’s no requirement to constantly manually reset the unit at the beginning of every job.

Offering intuitive operation, and arriving with 12 accessories and a hard storage case, it provides everything you need in one box — whether you’re a serious DIYer or trade pro. And, with a D-handle design, it enables two-handed use to increase accuracy.



Straight-from-the-box operation.


Heat control protection.


Arrives with kickstand for static use.



Could be overkill for occasional projects.

Metabo HGE 23-650 2300W Variable Stage LCD Heat Gun

Metabo HGE 23-650 LCD Heat Gun.

Our Rating: 4.8

Featuring an easy-to-read rear-mounted LCD screen, the HGE 23-650 from Metabo promises straightforward temperature and airflow selection without the inaccuracy of dials. And with infinitely variable blower speed combined with a temperature range of 80-650 degrees Celsius — it’s as suited to stripping paint as it is wrapping cars.

A generous four-metre cable offers flexibility — enabling you to operate at a significant distance from power sources. Furthermore, its textured and soft-grip handle elevates hand traction to prevent slippage, and helps to stave off fatigue during longer projects.



Lengthy power cable.


Temp adjustable in 10-degree steps.


Four preset settings.



Tough on the pocket.

Horusdy 2-in-1 Soldering Station YCD-8582D

Horusdy 2-in-1 Soldering Station YCD-8582D.

Our Rating: 4.7

Targeting the electronic enthusiast or pro, the Horusdy YCD-8582D functions as a reworking station — suitable for both soldering and desoldering. The unit knocks out variable temperatures of 200-480 degrees Celsius on the soldering iron, and 100-480 degrees Celsius on the hot air blower.

Twin LCD screens permit individual monitoring and control of both of the machine’s key tools — effortlessly adjusted through push buttons. Including a seven-piece tweezer set, flux remover, and additional nozzles and solder tips — it’s a complete set suitable for the expert or beginner.



Compact Build.


Dual purpose machine.


Comes with 22 accessories



Solder and air cables could be longer.

WORX 20V Cordless MAKERX Mini Heat Gun

WORX 20V Cordless MAKERX Mini Heat Gun.

Our Rating: 4.6

Seriously small and lightweight, the mini WORX WX743L.9 excels at hobby work, crafting, and precision applications. Arriving equipped with a narrow focus nozzle, it permits direct and accurate heating to its single temperature of 260 degrees Celsius.

While complete with a 1.2-metre cord, it needs connection to a WORX 20-volt cell — not included with the unit. The front of the heat gun incorporates an in-built stand, allowing you to safely place the hot machine on a desk or workbench without risk of damage or fire.



Highly manoeuvrable. 


Seriously light 0.2 kg.


Rapid preheat times.



Battery and charger — additional purchase.

SEEKONE 1800W Hot Air Gun Kit SDL-2816

SEEKONE 1800W Hot Air Gun Kit SDL-2816.

Our Rating: 4.6

A brawny 1800-watt unit that delivers 50-600 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for automotive use — whether stripping paint, heat-shrinking cable sheaths, or complete body-wrapping. And with four nozzles included, you can adjust the direction and intensity of the heat to suit your motor project.

Precise temperature control is permitted through an easy-to-read rear LCD screen. Furthermore, twin fan speed operation, overload protection, and an ergonomic handle amount to a solid car-enthusiast tool — available at an affordable price point.



LCD display.


Fatigue-minimising design.


Temperature memory function.



Short power cord.

BLACK+DECKER 1750W Heat Gun Kit ‎KX1650A-XE

BLACK+DECKER 1750W Heat Gun Kit _KX1650A-XE.

Our Rating: 4.5

Back to basics and at a welcome price point, the Black+Decker KX1650A-XE targets the novice and casual heat gun user. While not excelling in any particular areas, it provides twin temperatures of either 460 or 600 degrees Celsius, depending on whether using the low or high fan function.

Suitable for general DIY jobs such as stripping paint and removing adhesives, it arrives with a generous two-metre power cord. And, with an incorporated handle-mounted hanging hook — offers effortless storage in your home, garage, or workshop.



Integrated stand for hands-free operation.


Value for money heat gun.


Straightforward to use.



Higher airflow would be an improvement.


One of the most versatile pieces of kit for the trade pro, serious DIYer, and crafter — the heat gun should be an essential tool in your home, garage, or workshop.

With massive capabilities — from softening putty and wrapping cars to welding plastic and stripping paint — a hot air pistol is priceless.

When selecting your ideal machine — consider what jobs and projects you will mainly be using the tool for. For example, high-temperature units with large airflow are best for paint stripping — while lower-temperature compact machines are more suited to crafting.

That said, for some users, a more general machine with a large heat range offers more project options.

Whatever tool you go for — take confidence knowing that whatever jobs life throws at you, with the best heat gun, you can tackle anything.

Heat Gun FAQs

Q: Is It Possible To Purchase Heat Gun Accessories?

Yes! You can buy original manufacturer and third-party nozzles that permit you to change the heat delivery depending on the demands of your heat gun project. Also, consider buying a complete kit such as the Dewalt D26414K-XE, which has over ten accessories included.

Q: What Is The Best Heat Gun Available In Australia?

Depending on your project requirements, consider the Dewalt D26414K-XE if you’re looking for a digital machine, the HiKoki RH18DA for a cordless unit, and the tiny WORX ‎WX743.9 as a compact crafting heat gun.

Q: Where Can I Buy An Australian Heat Gun?

Most of the main heat gun manufacturers don’t retail units from their official websites — so you have to go through a third-party seller. Here is where to buy the impressive digital Dewalt D26414K-XE.

Q: What Can You Use A Heat Gun For?

The best heat guns in Australia can be used for virtually limitless projects — including thawing pipes, defrosting freezers, stripping paint, and roasting coffee beans.

Q: What Is A Digital Heat Gun?

Sometimes known as LCD heat guns, a digital heat gun allows you to adjust temperature and airflow through push-button control. This permits greater tailoring of output for precise work compared to the more arbitrary dial controls.



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ToolCobber.com.au is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Additionally, ToolCobber.com.au participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.