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Graco ProX17.

Graco Prox17 Review Summary

The Graco ProX17, and the accompanying Graco ProX17 cart, are designed for professional spray painting. For home painting, the Graco Magnum X7 is a great option, but the Magnum ProX17 is better suited for projects involving larger areas and more complex efforts.

With a spray rate of 1.29 litres/minute, the Graco ProX17 provides powerful output. With a paint tip size of 0.04cm, the Graco ProX17 gives 20.32 – 25.4cm of coverage per stroke.

The Graco Magnum ProX17 comes with an advised yearly usage of 1135 litres, making it well-suited for both indoor and outdoor painting when maintaining or remodelling the property.

Spray painting with a consistent flow is made easier thanks to the inclusion of a metal SG3 spray gun. With a strong handheld trigger and effective swivel connector, this Graco spray gun is easy to use and keeps the hose fully functioning.

The Magnum ProX17 is suited for water-based paints and stains. With the optional addition of a conversion kit, the ProX17 can also be used for non-flammable oil-based materials. Spraying directly from a 3.78 litre (1 gallon) or 18.92 litre (5 gallon) paint can is also a possibility.


  •         Good value for money.  
  •         Ideal for professional projects and larger areas.
  •         Strong output.
  •         Easy to transport.
  •         Excellent finishes possible with a variety of materials.


  •         Better for larger areas than smaller ones.
  •         Warranty is somewhat limited.
  •         No wheels.

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Graco X17 Review.


Features and Benefits of the Graco Magnum ProX17:

Graco Magnum ProX17


·         Duraflex Hose 

The Graco ProX17 comes with a 15.24m Duraflex hose (with 0.635cm tubing) for your convenience. If greater length is needed, the ProX17 can be connected to a hose up to 45.72m.

·         Stainless Steel Piston Pump

The Graco Magnum ProX17 model features a stainless steel piston, making this paint sprayer more durable and reliable. This piston pump comes in a single packing set, which does not require lubrication or maintenance.

·         DC Motor 

With a 559.27-watt DC motor, the ProX17 sprayer has the strength to reliably propel paint through a 45m hose without losing any pressure.

Advantages Of The Graco X17

·         Convenient Transport

While at a weight of slightly over 12 kg, this paint sprayer is notably compact, making transport and storage much easier.

·         Simple Pump Replacement 

Through Graco’s ProXChange System, users can replace a damaged pump quickly and efficiently without tools, avoiding the common stresses brought on by any breakages.

·         Adjustable Pressure 

In addition to distinct controls for spraying and priming, this Graco model includes an easy-to-read pressure adjustment control. 

Limited to 20.68 n/mm2, the adjustable pressure includes four primary settings – “Roll” (for paint rollers), “Low Spray”, “High Spray”, and “Prime/Clean” – which can be selected based on your spray painting needs.

·         Easy Aftercare and Automatic Priming 

Thanks to the Graco ProX17’s AutoPrime feature, any priming issues can be directly resolved, as can any issues caused by aftercare mistakes. If clogging occurs, you can easily reverse the spray tip to unblock it and prevent any damage to either the paint sprayer or the project at hand.

·         Simple Clean Up 

Cleaning the Graco ProX17 is an easy task, as the Power Flush adapter is quick and efficient to use by attaching it to a garden hose.

What Users Say About The Graco X17

The feedback from first-hand users of the Graco Magnum ProX17 has been very promising.

A considerable number of professionals have described it as a reliable and user-friendly paint sprayer, reporting no notable issues. Many have mentioned owning multiple current sprayers, and have described this model as a top pick.

Key positive notes for the ProX17 include:

  •         value for money,
  •         strength at covering surfaces without issue, and
  •         particular value for larger projects.

The limitations mentioned include:

  •         minor problems with overspray, and
  •         some issues with spray painting thicker layers.

See these comments for yourself to learn more about users’ experiences with the Graco Magnum ProX17.


Graco ProX17.


The Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 is a spray-painting tool particularly useful for larger projects, helping to make these tasks easier and more efficient.

The compact size of this paint sprayer makes it easily transportable and convenient to store. The ease of pump replacements through Graco’s ProX Change System is another benefit of using Graco paint sprayers.

Thanks to its 559.27-watt DC motor, capable of pushing paint through up to 45m-long hoses, this model is convenient in both space and time, allowing greater reach without delayed action or paint flow.

Users have noted that this spray painter is not suited for smaller projects, mentioned some minor issues with overspray, and brought up the addition of wheels as a suggested improvement.

However, the Graco 17G177 ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer maintains its position as a valuable tool for larger and professional painting projects.  

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Graco Magnum ProX17 FAQs

What is the voltage rating for the Graco ProX17? 

120 volts is the level at which the Graco Magnum ProX17 operates.

Do I need to thin the paint before using the Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Sprayer? 

No, paint thinning is not required – however, be sure to confirm the recommended paint tip size from your chosen paint prior to use. 

Can the Graco X17 be used on Oil-Based Stains? 

As long as the stain is non-flammable, then yes. 

If using any flammable solvent-based material, you will have to use a lacquer conversion kit (17L305) prior to painting. 

To confirm whether a material is flammable, check its container, or contact the manufacturer if need be.

What is the current price for the Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17?

As a modern spray painter including features such as a strong motor, automatic priming and toolless pump replacement, the Graco Magnum ProX17 is well-suited to the efficient and effective completion of moderate- to large-scale spray-painting jobs. For the most recently updated pricing.  

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