The first cordless power tool was a cordless electric drill introduced by Black and Decker in 1961. Since this invention, cordless power tools have become the future of the power tool industry. The technology they employ is continually improving in leaps and bounds, with manufacturers boasting longer runtimes, lighter weights, and more and more power.

Cordless power tools come in many different forms, but all can be divided into three main components – a rechargeable battery, a charger, and the tool.

Each of these components is only interchangeable with other components of the same manufacturer and of the same voltages.

Power Tool Batteries 

The batteries control a cordless power tool’s runtime, and the power that the tool outputs. There are a few main types of batteries available, and each has different user requirements.
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Power Tool Chargers

Chargers recharge a cordless tool’s batteries. Depending on the specific model and whether they are a simple or intelligent charger, they can either sustain or potentially ruin a battery.
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Power Tools

Once the battery is charged, it can power a cordless tool. The most common cordless tools are the cordless screwdriver, drill, and impact driver, however there are many others available.
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Power Tool FAQs

This section provides answers to the many frequently asked questions about cordless power tools.
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