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Growing up, it was all about serious tools. 

I’m talking about a tough, robust, and reliable kit that stood up to heavy use and abuse — not cheap copies, knock-offs, or the single-use garbage you can pick up at the dollar store.

Fast forward to the future, and Tool Cobber was born — allowing you too to share in the knowledge of the best quality tools Australia can offer.

You see, for my dad, Grandpa Cobber — undoubtedly the original and still the ultimate Tool Cobber — tools were, and always will be, his passion. Not sunshine, surf, and BBQs. 

Working his entire life in the tool industry, proudly owning an extensive home workshop, and having an insatiable appetite for all things DIY — you could say he’s always been more than a little obsessed.

So, being immersed in this world throughout my childhood, it was inevitable, I too was going to have the same fervour for tools.

Here’s a cool story …

When I was around 18 months old, and having one of my many screaming fits, my mum told my dad to give me my dummy to calm me down. Apparently unable to find it — or more likely wanting to crack on as soon as possible with his latest woodworking project — he just gave me a nearby wrench to suck on instead.

To this day, my mum swears this is true, although my dad always denied it. He said it was a claw hammer.

Although I can’t honestly remember that experience, what I do recall with fondness are the many stories my dad used to tell me at bedtime. But unlike for most kids, they weren’t Hansel and Gretel or Jack and the Beanstalk — they were more likely to be Husqvarna and Gardner or Jack and the Rotary Hammer Drill.

Surprising as it may seem — he always managed to make these tales exciting, entertaining, and educating. The stories were full of energy, adventure, and thrills — packed with information about the birthplace of the tools (country, town, and factory), the often colourful history of the manufacturer, how to use the tools correctly, and my total favourite — the often gory, bloody, and fatal consequences of careless operation.

Even after he retired, Grandpa Cobber couldn’t stay away from his DIY fascination — taking a part-time job in Bunnings, one of Australia’s largest hardware stores. He didn’t need the money — but simply adored passing on his love, experience, and knowledge of tools to the outlet’s customers.

Not shy in coming forward, he would typically berate them for wrong choices — and, much to the store management’s displeasure, actively talk customers out of buying a piece of kit if he thought it was substandard for the job.

Today, Grandpa Cobber has taken a well-deserved step back from retail, yet his passion — or obsession — for tools is unwavering. Unable to drop a lifetime’s enthusiasm for all things hardware, he now creates the most awesome and unique tool art.

Grandpa Cobber used to quote, 

To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.’

So don’t get stuck with the wrong, inferior, or poor quality gear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, hardcore DIYer, or serious trade pro. My reviews, interviews, and how-tos are here to give you all the info you need for using the right tool for the right job — whatever your sphere of building, repair, or demolition interest.

Thank you for visiting Tool Cobber, I hope you find the site entertaining, informative, and helpful.


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