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Best Paint Sprayers Australia Has To Offer — Comparison and Buyers Guide

Want to do away with annoying drips, dropped paintbrush hairs, and inconsistent paint finishes? A paint sprayer can make your life easier! Here are some benefits:

    • Makes painting jobs less tedious.
    • Delivers a professional-looking finish.
    • Easy to operate for novices and pros.
    • Covers large areas quickly.
    • Reduces hand fatigue.
    • Replaces old and worn-out rollers and brushes.
    • Our guide can help you choose the best paint sprayer to suit your needs.

Paint Sprayers Buying Guide — Types of Spray Gun

If you’re an intermittent DIYer, craft hobbyist, home improvement enthusiast, or trade professional, you should ditch your roller and paintbrush and switch to paint sprayers. These power tools push paint out of a small nozzle, driven by a motor. This allows you to cover various surfaces without the risk of tell-tale paintbrush strokes, roller mottling, or discarded bristles.

The fine spray mist they produce creates a smooth and even coat of your chosen coating medium — on wood, metal, walls, masonry, and ceilings. With a paint sprayer, you can achieve a professional-looking finish with ease. It’s a time-saving tool that can make painting tasks less tedious, especially when covering large surface areas.

When it comes to choosing a paint sprayer, several factors should be considered before making a purchase. These include:

    • Type of material you’ll be painting.
    • The scope of the job you’ll be working on.
    • Your level of familiarity with paint sprayers.
    • Volume of paint that will pass through your machine.
    • The overall coat finish you want to achieve.
    • Whether you need a paint sprayer with user customisation options.
    • The coverage medium you plan on using with the sprayer.
    • How much money you want to spend.

How To Purchase the Best Paint Sprayer

Paint Gun

When picking your perfect paint spraying machine, you could — if you were so inclined — think about its airflow ratio in cubic metres per minute (m3/min) compared to the pressure in Pascals (PA), its litres-per-minute (L/min) output, its horsepower (HP), its wattage (W), and the size of the nozzle in millimetres (mm).

And, after you have spent all of your waking hours considering these characteristics and specifications, used up all your internet allowance searching online, yet still haven’t begun to paint your walls — you’ll say screw it and pull out your trusty roller.

So instead, I’ve simplified things to save your sanity — by bringing you only the best examples across paint sprayer formats.

Handheld Spray Paint Gun Machines

Hand Held Paint Sprayers AustraliaHandheld paint sprayers are a relatively small and inexpensive option in the electrically-powered spray paint sphere. They’re suitable for both beginners and professionals, and perfect for small-size to medium-scale jobs — like furniture restoration, varnishing shelves, shielding decking from the elements, and covering fences.

Handheld sprayers are faster than using a paintbrush and provide finer finishes than a standard paint roller — making them a convenient and efficient tool for achieving a satisfying finish.

    • Offers a budget-friendly option among electrically-driven sprayers.
    • Portable and compact — making them easy to use and store.
    • Simple operation for both newbies and professionals.
    • Can work with a variety of mediums, making them versatile.
    • Ideal for small-to-medium-sized projects at home.

Our Top Pick — Homeright Finish Max

Turbine Powered Paint Sprayer System

Wagner-FLEXiO-5000Turbine paint sprayer systems are versatile and easy to use, which is why they’re a popular choice for both DIYers and professionals. They’re more easily transportable than pneumatic units and don’t require pre-priming like airless tools, so they’re also hassle-free. 

From small handheld models for casual use to elevated performance separate unit turbines for large projects, these sprayers can handle a wide range of mediums. Turbine paint sprayers are also cost-effective, making them a great option for those on a budget.

    • Turbines are versatile and suitable for various applications.
    • They’re user-friendly — ideal for beginners and professionals alike.
    • Turbine paint sprayers are lighter than airless or compressor units, meaning they’re more portable.
    • These machines are typically more affordable than other types of paint sprayers.
    • They require low power consumption, so are better at energy-efficiency.
    • Model-dependent, they can handle different types of coating, including stain, sealer, lacquer, and latex.
    • Turbine paint sprayers are generally easy to maintain.

Our Top Pick — Fuji Mini-Mite 4

Compressor Powered Spray Guns

Eastwood-ConcoursCompressor-driven spray guns are the top-of-the-line paint sprayers in terms of power and performance. They’re powered by a pneumatic powerhouse that’s separate from the gun and offers precise control, exceptional finish quality, and minimal paint wastage. 

These air-powered guns can handle a wide range of paints. From glossy enamels and intense stains to tough polyesters and dense latexes, making them suitable for jobs where a perfect finish is essential — for example, cabinet restoration and motor vehicle spraying. 

They offer a high level of customisation, boasting airflow control that’s user-tailorable, medium throughput adjustment, and pressure delivery to meet the demands of your project and paint/stain type.

    • Ideal for precision painting projects.
    • Minimal overspray, reducing waste and mess.
    • Excellent for automotive painting and other high-end finishes.
    • Easy accessibility of additional accessories, parts, and spares.
    • Customisable controls for user preference and various coatings.
    • Lightweight and compact in size.
    • Vast availability of additional nozzles.
    • Requires an external compressor for operation.

Our Top Pick — QTECH Q75

Airless Pump Hydraulic Paint Sprayers

graco-390.jpgAirless paint sprayers are the heavyweights of the power-painting industry, delivering a whopping 3000 PSI and the ability to spray a variety of mediums without the need for pre-thinning. These robust machines are the top choice for larger projects, providing rapid and efficient paint coverage. 

With options available for beginners, DIY enthusiasts, professionals and industry constructors, there’s an airless hydraulic pump paint sprayer for every level of experience.

Key features include:

    • Significant power delivery.
    • Compatibility with multiple mediums.
    • Portability.
    • Compatibility with a wide range of nozzle dimensions.
    • Long hoses.
    • Fast coverage

Whether you’re looking to tackle a small project or a large-scale job, an airless hydraulic pump paint sprayer is a reliable and efficient choice.

Our Top Pick — Graco Magnum X5

Cordless Spray Guns

neu-master-cordlessWith a wireless paint sprayer, you can finally say goodbye to power cords and enjoy the ultimate flexibility. These unique machines offer complete freedom of movement, allowing you to paint anywhere without being tethered to a power outlet. 

Available in both HVLP and airless models, and with options for both DIYers and trade professionals, wireless spray guns can provide up to an hour of continuous use from a single charge. Many of these battery operated spray gun machines are powerful enough to spray even the densest coverage mediums with ease.

    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability.
    • Compatible with a range of mediums.
    • Arrives with lithium-ion cells and chargers.
    • Ideal for small to medium-scale projects.
    • Cable and extension-free painting experience.

Our Top Pick — NEU MASTER‎ NSG0110

Electric Paint Sprayers

Wagner-FLEXiO-5000The electric paint sprayer category includes a wide range of machines. From DIY-friendly HVLP handheld machines to powerful airless sprayers. These user-friendly tools require no compressor, air hose, or couplings — making them easy to operate straight out of the box. 

With options available for both occasional DIYers and hardcore trade professionals, there’s an electric paint sprayer to suit every need. Cordless and main-powered units are available, and, model-dependent, they can spray a variety of paint and stain formats.

The electric sprayer is the most flexible sprayer available, providing the convenience and performance needed to tackle any painting project.

    • Top-rated DIY paint sprayers.
    • Comprehensive range from small-scale to large-scale projects.
    • Complete kit with no need for additional purchases.
    • Versatile enough to handle various coating mediums, from sealers to latex.
    • Offers both airless and HVLP machines.
    • Simple and hassle-free operation.
    • Highly portable compared to pneumatic sprayers.

Our Top Pick — Wagner Flexio 595

Pro-Grade Paint Sprayer System

graco-395.jpgProfessional paint sprayer systems are the ideal tools for serious tradespeople and prosumers. Built for robustness and dependability, these trade-grade machines can handle massive coating medium throughput and withstand hardcore use and abuse. 

Pro machines can be purchased as handheld units, airless, and HVLP models. These industrial-level spraying machines can handle all types of paint materials and can be utilised for a range of projects, from cabinetry to vehicle and boat work.

With their superior quality and versatility, professional paint sprayer systems are the go-to choice for commercial projects.

    • Built to withstand heavy daily use.
    • Corrosion-resistant materials for longevity.
    • Extensive warranties and customer support.
    • Vehicle-grade internal filters for a high-quality finish.
    • Cooling systems to protect the motor.
    • Straightforward accessibility for maintenance and lubrication.
    • Wide selection of spare and upgradeable parts.

Our Top Pick — Graco Ultra 395

Gravity-Fed Paint Spraying Guns

Eastwood-Concours-HVLP-Paint-GunGravity-fed paint guns are popular for those seeking a paint sprayer with low-pressure demand, ease of use, and an impeccable finish. These pneumatic-powered sprayers are light and require fewer components than their siphon-fed counterparts. 

They deliver high efficiency with minimal overspray, making them an ideal choice for achieving flaw-free coverage — suitable for both small and large-scale projects. These affordable and easy-to-maintain machines are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. With compatibility for a wide range of mediums, these versatile units are a must-have in any painting toolkit.

    • Top-rated spray guns for minimal overspraying.
    • Perfect for precise and fine-finishing work.
    • Feature paint reservoirs mounted on the top of the unit for easy filling.
    • Ideal for small-scale projects that require precision.
    • Low-pressure operation without vacuum suction.
    • Reassuring high-level centre of gravity for improved balance.
    • Preferred choice for professional vehicle and cabinet restorers.
    • Simple design with minimal components for easy maintenance.
    • Lightweight paint gun for comfortable use.

Our Top Pick — Prowin Tools K818M25

Siphon Spray Guns

Husky-Siphon-Feed-General-Purpose-Spray-GunSiphon spray guns are powered by a compressor. They provide similar precision to gravity-fed spray guns but with a smaller build size. These machines utilise a powerful vacuum feed system to pull paint from a front-mounted cup, reducing the height of the gun and enabling access to confined areas. 

In contrast to guns that are top-fed — the centre-of-gravity of siphon guns remains constant, making them easier to use, especially for beginners. Their smaller size and ease of use makes them a preferred choice for DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve professional-looking results.

    • Top-rated paint tools for precision work. 
    • Perfect for tight spaces.
    • Comes with a bottom-feed paint cup.
    • Higher pressure requirements than those fed by gravity.
    • Stable centre-of-gravity.
    • Customisable parts for more user control.
    • Highly preferred by professional automotive and cabinet restorers.
    • Minimalist design with fewer components.
    • Lightweight and easy to handle.

Our Top Pick — Star Prof Evo T

LVLP Spray Machine Gun Units

SPRAYIT-SP-33310KLVLP spray guns offer a fantastic finish that’s unmatched in the spray painting world. Thanks to their low transfer and ability to transfer paint efficiently, they produce an even coating on modest to medium-scale jobs with reduced dripping, pooling, and bounce-back. 

With consumer-style compressors, these guns are accessible with a wide range of media, including thin urethanes, lacquer, enamels, chalk, pre-primers, and undercoats.

    • Versatile LVLP spray guns are available in gravity and siphon-fed models.
    • Low-pressure guns with easy operation and low CFM needs.
    • Recognised as the top spray gun for perfect finishes by paint sprayer reviews.
    • Suitable for a range of mediums from dense primers to thin lacquers.
    • The go-to choice for exceptional atomisation and precision work.
    • Often arrive with a regulator that displays gun pressure.
    • Fully customisable, with a wide range of spray gun parts available online.

Our Top Pick — SPRAYIT SP-33000K LVLP Kit

HVLP Spray Gun Systems

Wagner-FLEXiO-5000HVLP spray gun systems are an excellent option for minimising spray-back and overspray — surpassing standard pneumatic and airless sprayers. Standing for high-volume/low-pressure, these machines deliver a precise and smooth finish for both small and large projects.

They come in various models that accommodate all types of liquid coverings and are popular among home users and professionals. These systems include externally mounted turbines, handhelds, and compressed air guns, providing versatility and flexibility to meet different project needs.

    • Efficient and eco-friendly spray painting system.
    • Minimal overspray and bounce-back, reducing wastage.
    • Ideal for professionals, prosumers, and home users.
    • Cost-effective operations.
    • Consistently delivers a high-quality finish. 
    • Versatile and adaptable models are available for all applications.
    • Rated as the best spray guns in the power-painting category.
    • Considered the most environmentally friendly among powered sprayers.
    • Widely used in the industry for conversion spray projects.

Our Top Pick — Harden HVLP Gun 681010

How To Pick the Best Paint Sprayer

Choosing the right paint sprayer can make all the difference in the success of your projects. It’s important to consider the scale and nature of your job before selecting a machine. For example, painting a small bicycle requires different equipment than coating a large piece of furniture, or repainting an entire house.

By identifying the specific needs of your projects, you can narrow down your options and choose the best paint sprayer for the job. Our expert reviews and advice can help guide you through the selection process. With the right tools, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any painting task with confidence.


Horsepower or Output Pressure

In the world of paint sprayers, the terms pressure/horsepower come up frequently in reviews. The horsepower of the machine is an indicator of the engine’s power, which affects the amount and thickness of the paint that’s emitted from the nozzle tip. Typically, a higher horsepower results in faster work with denser paint layers.

However, not all projects require speed — and sometimes, a steady, lower stream is necessary. In those cases, a machine with a more reserved grunt might be more suitable, as it provides greater control over the application process. Ultimately, the choice between pressure and horsepower depends on the specific needs of the project at hand.


When it comes to paint sprayers, there are many choices and brands available. It can be challenging to decide which product is right for you, as there are both professional and cheaper options.

It’s important to choose your paint sprayer wisely since you’ll likely be using it for several years. Investing in a more premium model can be cost-effective in the long term, but top-end products may not be necessary for basic or small jobs.

Consider your budget and the features you require when selecting a paint sprayer. With the right choice, you can save money and get excellent results for your painting projects.


A paint sprayer’s volume is determined by its LPM or litres-per-minute value, which refers to the amount of paint transferred from a spray gun container to a surface. A higher LPM means elevated covering and faster work. When choosing a sprayer for large projects that require thick paint layers, the LPM specification should be a significant consideration.

Spraying Tips

Spray nozzle tips play a vital role in the painting process and are influenced by both the format of the paint-spraying machine and the specific paint material used. 

The right spray tip selection is crucial, as it can affect the quality and precision of the finished result. If the tip is too small, the paint won’t come out smoothly, and if it’s too big, the spray pattern may become uneven. 

Therefore, it’s important to match the tip size to the viscosity and texture of the paint being used, as well as the type of surface being painted. By selecting the appropriate spray tip, you can achieve a more efficient and satisfactory painting experience.

    Safety When Using a Heat Gun

    When used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions — heat guns are perfectly safe. That said, these flexible tools still deliver dangerous high temperatures, so should still be treated with the utmost respect.

    When picking your perfect hot air machine in Australia, look for the following safety features:

    • Cord protector — a reinforcing cover where the mains cable meets the gun, preventing wear and tear and shielding against disconnection.
    • Ventilation slits — to defend the unit against overheating.
    • Nozzle guards — usually on mini guns to prevent scorched fingers.
    • Overload protector — switches off the heat gun should internal temperatures become too high.

    Furthermore, I recommend following my below top ten tips for heat gun safety:

    1. Don’t touch the nozzle when plugged in or with a battery attached.
    2. Don’t operate in rain or moist environments.
    3. Always wear protective gear.
    4. Don’t wear loose clothing when operating a hot air gun.
    5. Never block the ventilation slits.
    6. Keep the heat gun away from your face, hair, and clothing.
    7. Keep the gun at least 10 mm away from your target material.
    8. Always direct the heat gun away from your body.
    9. Never use the hot air machine on flammable materials.
    10. Ensure any extension cords are suitably rated for your heat gun’s amperage.

    With straightforward operation and a pleasing coat finish, the HomeRight Finish Max is an excellent handheld spray paint machine for both novices and dedicated DIYers.

    Its 795 ml cup offers pleasing paint capacity, cutting back on refill times. Furthermore, its robust brass 2.0 mm tip can tackle enamels, varnishes, and primers — although dense latexes may need thinning down.

    Triple spray patterns allow you to utilise the most suitable delivery for your medium, while a paint flow knob permits you to adjust the output intensity. And, behind the scenes, its 400-watt motor knocks out sufficient power for speedy coverage.

    Homeright Finish Max


      • Ideal for beginners.
      • Includes viscosity cup and chart.
      • Durable brass tip.
      • Variable flow rate.
      • Excellent for interior work.


      • Unsuitable for large outdoor projects.
      • Top-heavy balance.
      • Surprisingly loud.
    Focusing on the trade user and serious home improver, the Fuji Mini-Mite 4 is a powerful four-stage external turbine sprayer suitable for medium-to-large scale projects.

    Knocking out a maximum of 9.0 PSI, it provides speedy coverage and fine atomisation for a perfectly smooth and even finish. Inside the unit, bespoke heat dissipation tech keeps the crucial turbine cool to elongate machine life.

    A generous 946 ml container ensures welcome covering medium capacity, while its noise-reducing build creates a pleasant work environment for you and other contractors.

    The tool’s durable stainless-steel gun boasts a Stay-Cool grip, bleed reduction, variable output control, and a soft-pull trigger.

    Fuji Mini-Mite 4


      • Lengthy 7.5-metre hose.
      • Quick change filters.
      • Robust casing for site work.
      • Dense medium compatible.
      • Three spray patterns.


      • Premium price for a premium machine.
      • Overkill for novices and infrequent users.

    Offering project flexibility combined with an immaculate finish — the Q75 from QTECH is my pick in the ultimate compressor gun category.

    This gravity-feed HVLP gun is as suitable as a car spray gun as it is a fence paint sprayer. An easy-access side-mounted fan control knob permits you to adjust spray area size — while its non-bleeding 1.5 mm tip prevents unwanted paint build-up and mess.

    Its pressure adjustment feature enables you to adjust the output intensity to suit your coverage medium type — whether thin stains or dense latexes. And, arriving with a viscosity cup and cleaning kit — you’re ready to go straight after unboxing.

    QTECH Q75


      • Two-finger trigger operation.
      • Standard 600 ml paint cup.
      • Stay-cool handle.
      • 20 percent lighter than its competitors.
      • Well-balanced design.


      • Chrome metalwork chips easily.
    Focusing on serious DIYers, the airless X5 Graco paint sprayer is the perfect medium-to-large project sprayer.

    With its 515 RAC IV tip, it knocks out a generous 1.02 LPM, ensuring speedy project completion. Its suction tube allows you to connect the unit directly to paint cans — meaning no need for container refills.

    This Graco spray gun machine boasts a huge 23-metre hose (additional 15 metres — extra purchase), providing remarkable operational freedom. What’s more, a stainless steel piston promises reassuring reliability — and its 0.5 horsepower motor knocks out speedy coverage.

    The Graco X5 incorporates a substantial pressure control knob — allowing you to tailor medium delivery to match your paint type.

    Graco Magnum X5


      • A Graco airless spray gun with an included floor stand.
      • Arrives with instructional DVD.
      • Includes the respected SG2 gun.
      • An excellent fence paint spray gun.
      • Power flush cleaning system.


      • Not suitable as an automotive paint sprayer.
      • Lacks on-board storage for hose, cord, and gun.

    Combining battery power with hydraulic grunt — the 17M363 Graco cordless spray gun is the ultimate handheld machine for portability and dense medium delivery.

    Suitable for both DIYers and pros, this small-to-medium project airless paint sprayer gun knocks out an immense 2000 PSI — adjustable down to a more modest 500 PSI to suit your painting medium and target material.

    Arriving with two tips — a 514 and 210 — it’s as suited to fine finishing work as it is wide space coverage. This battery powered spray gun is driven by two reliable DeWalt 20-volt cells (included) — providing up to 60 minutes of operation from a single charge.And, with Graco’s trademarked ProConnect tech, you can replace the internal pump on this battery paint sprayer without taking the tool apart.

    Graco Magnum X5


      • includes six container liners to reduce cleaning times.
      • Ideal latex, enamel, stain, and epoxy paint spray gun.
      • Generous 946 ml container.
      • A trade-grade battery spray gun with a carbide pump.
      • Thinning is not required.


      • Overkill for casual users.
      • A cordless spray gun that’s hard on the bank balance.

    Offering both large coverage and fine finish capabilities — the Flexio 595 Wagner paint sprayer is perhaps the consummate electric home air spray gun machine.

    Arriving with both iSpray and Detail Finish nozzles, it’s as suited to being a touch up spray gun as it is a complete house paint spray gun. What’s more, a proprietary turbine X-boost system permits you to propel the densest of coating mediums.

    This Wagner spray gun offers significant user tailorability — permitting spray diameter, volume output, and spray pattern adjustment. Promising to cover ten times faster than a brush, it arrives with cup liners for speedy clean-up. 

    An effortless Lock-and-Go system enables swift colour changes, while an included carry case offers welcome transportability and safe storage for this portable spray gun.

    Wagner Flexio 595


      • Arrives with two containers and twin nozzles.
      • Ideal for spray painting window frames.
      • Affordable HVLP paint sprayer.
      • Nine speed settings.
      • A Wagner sprayer with a lightweight build.


      • Not suitable for professional or industrial spray painting.
      • Short power cord — an extension cable is essential.

    Mainly directed at the professional market, the Ultra 395 airless sprayer from paint maestros Graco can propel the densest of mediums with its mighty 0.875 horsepower pump.

    Pushing out 3300 PSI of pure power through its 517 tip, it promises a rapid 2.0 LPM for speedy coverage. And, with an included suction hose, this airless spray gun machine can draw paint straight from original containers and cans with no refilling.

    Smart pressure control combined with its digital display ensures significant user tailorability to suit your medium and target material. And, with a lengthy 15-metre hose, it ensures significant operational freedom.

    Graco Ultra 395PC Pro


      • Includes gun, tip, tip guard, hose, and tools.
      • One of the best Graco sprayers for pros.
      • Easy-removal filters.
      • Built for heavy-duty use.
      • Multi-medium compatible.


      • Not suitable as an auto paint sprayer.
      • Top-end machine at a top-end price point.

    Offering remarkable reliability and durability, the K818M25 is — in my opinion — the best gravity feed spray gun currently on the market.

    Its lightweight aluminium construction enhances project stamina while delivering build strength. And, with impressive atomisation through its 2.5 mm stainless-steel tip, it ensures a flawless finish — making it an ideal paint sprayer for furniture.

    This air compressor spray gun has a working pressure of 30-45 PSI — making it suitable for smaller home and trade compressors. Furthermore, compatible with both oil and water-based mediums — it offers you welcome versatility.

    As a gravity spray gun, its 600 ml container is located on the uppermost portion of the unit. And, with a stainless steel easy-remove needle and nozzle — it enables effortless cleaning for tool longevity.

    Prowin Tools K818M25


      • Perfect wood paint spray gun.
      • Quick-release container lid for fast filling.
      • Corrosion resistant.
      • Gravity pressure pot spray gun.
      • Professional-level spray painting equipment.


      • Lacks handle grip and padding.
      • Aesthetic dynamic paint is liable to chip.

    Delivering an immaculate finish, the SG-EVO106FS-012 Star EVO T is a siphon spray gun for pro users and home enthusiasts who demand the perfect final coat — making it ideal for cabinets, restoration, moulding work, and crafting.

    Providing impressive transfer efficiency — that’s 72 percent at 15 PSI — it cuts back on bleed and overspray with its trademarked EVO T air cap and 1.2 mm nozzle. And, with a generous 1000 ml cup, offers extended painting times without having to refill.

    With the under-mounted container, the gun provides reassuring and reliable balance, allowing for enhanced accuracy. Furthermore, its two-finger easy-operation trigger prevents fatigue on time-lengthy projects.The SG-EVO106FS-012 arrives with inbuilt pressure and flow controls, and provides a spray pattern of 280 to 285 mm.

    Star Prof Evo T


      • Forged body for durability.
      • Ideal for fine finishing work.
      • In-built hanging hook.
      • Large capacity container.
      • Rapid-open cup lid.


      • Small control knobs.
      • No handle padding or grip.

    Providing the ultimate perfect finish associated with LVLP sprayers, the SP-33000K kit from SPRAYIT provides everything you need in one box for ultra-fine coats — making it ideal as a car paint spray gun, cabinet finisher, and furniture restoration tool.

    All contained within a sturdy carry case, this unit arrives complete with three nozzles — 1.3, 1.5, and 1.7 mm — permitting it to effortlessly propel the finishing favourites of enamels, urethanes, and stains.

    The gun’s aluminium body build offers lightweight operation, while its stainless-steel nozzles ensure shielding against corrosion. What’s more, an included large dial face pressure regulator allows you to tailor power output to suit your coating medium.

    Additionally, this comprehensive LVLP kit also includes cleaning tools and a 591 ml cup.

    SPRAYIT SP-33000K


      • Everything you need for LVLP spraying — apart from the compressor.
      • Provides 3.5 to 3.9 CFM at 30 PSI.
      • Ergonomic grip.
      • Three spray patterns.
      • A small spray gun ideal for automotive work.


      • Top-heavy balance.

    With high transfer efficiency and a pleasing coat, the 681010 Harden HVLP is an impressive small-to-medium project air compressor paint gun — suitable if you want to prime furniture, corrode-proof machinery, or spray paint your kitchen.

    Siphon-fed, its 1.5 mm tip propels coating mediums at between three to eight CFM, and can tackle medium-density liquids such as undercoats, varnishes, and acrylics. Furthermore, arriving with a substantial 1000 ml cup, it offers extended coverage with minimal downtime.

    Requiring just 50 PSI, it can work on small compressors — including home/garage models. Its handle offers substantial tread to increase grip, and its copper-cored nozzle promises tool durability.

    Harden HVLP Gun 681010


      • High atomisation rate for an HVLP tool.
      • Suitable as an acrylic paint spray gun.
      • Lightweight and durable aluminium cup.
      • Ideal for hobbyists, DIYers, and pros.
      • Three spray patterns.


      • Output control knob is tough to turn.


    If you’re looking to apply any type of coating, whether it’s DIY jobs or professional trade projects, a spray painting machine is a must-have tool.

    Not only do these units permit faster and more efficient painting, but they also produce an even and consistent coat that lacks annoying paintbrush marks, dropped hairs, or roller mottling. 

    With a variety of machines available for different applications, such as complete home renovations, car resprays, cabinetry staining, model making, house roof weather shielding, or garden fence staining — there is a sprayer ideal for your jobs.To select your perfect tool, think about the size of your project, the type of paint you’ll be utilising, the top coat you desire, and the size of your wallet. The guide above will guarantee that your paint sprayers address your expectations and requirements.

    Paint Spray Machines FAQs

    What Is the Wattage of a Paint Sprayer?

    The amount of energy used by paint sprayers is dependent on its type. Generally speaking, airless machines (around 2500 Watts) use more Watts than turbines (about 400 Watts).

    What Is a Hand Pump Painting Sprayer?

    Driven by your muscles, these units necessitate manual hand pumping to elevate paint sprayer pressure to shoot out your coverage medium. It’s much like using a Super Soaker water gun.

    They’re hard work to use, and deliver inconsistent coverage.

    Do Paint Spraying Units Utilise a Greater Volume of Paint Than Brushes?

    Indeed. During powered paint spraying, some coating material is wasted through overspray and atomisation. Look for machines with low overspray to keep wastage to a minimum.

    What Is an Extension Wand for a Spray Gun?

    As the name suggests, these wands extended the length of your paint gun.

    They’re fitted on the end of the gun — making it look more like a rifle than a pistol. This permits you to paint high-level locations without a ladder. These attachments are mostly used with airless sprayers.

    Is My Sprayer Pneumatic? How Do I Find Out?

    You can check if your gun is air-driven simply by looking at it.

    If it incorporates a paint container and includes a fitting to accept an air hose, it’s pneumatic.


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