Graco Ultra 395 Review

395 Graco paint sprayer

Review Summary

The versatile Graco Ultra 395 paint sprayer is ideal for a multitude of jobs — addressing inside and outside walls, DIY, outbuilding coverage, and building maintenance. But bear in mind, its mighty grunt may be too intense for smaller home applications — and it’s not designed for vehicle body painting.

Internally, its 0.875 horsepower engine permits the Graco Ultra 395 airless paint sprayer to knock out just over two litres every minute — when driving at a pressure of 3300 PSI (227 bar). 

The Ultra 395 Graco paint spray gun can handle a plethora of painting and staining mediums — such as latex, enamel, varnishes, and acrylics. However, in my opinion, the stand-out features are the easy-to-remove filter and the intuitive and trademarked SmartControl for pressure adjustment.

Overall, the 395 Graco paint sprayer is a marked improvement on its earlier incarnation, the Graco 390 — promising more rapid job completion.

Graco is a US-based company — founded in the 1920s. Considered an authority in paint spraying equipment, the Graco 395 airless sprayer has received impressive reviews from Australian trade users, DIYers, and industry experts. In American Sherwin-Williams stores, the machine is marked as the Graco Nova 395 paint sprayer — it’s the same machine, but Nova is used instead of the Ultra moniker.


  • Suction hose with a swiveling feature for easy paint access. 
  • Trademarked EasyOut filter for effortless removal and cleaning.
  • Robust stainless steel gearing.
  • Replaceable nozzle tip (517) delivers a 300 mm spray fan.
  • Mighty 0.875 HP engine.
  • Excellent Graco 395 review testimonials online.
  • Knocks out over two liters every sixty seconds.
  • Operates at 3300 PSI (227 bar).
  • Multi-paint medium compatible.


  • Overpowered by small DIY projects.
  • Unimpressive finish on vehicle bodywork.

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Graco paint sprayer 395

Graco 395 Sprayer — Features and Advantages

When purchasing a paint sprayer, it’s important to consider your specific needs. Just like purchasing a motor vehicle, it’s essential to evaluate if the sprayer will be suitable for your intended use — e.g., a convertible dual-seater luxury supercar may not be the best choice should you have a family to transport around.

Let us take a look at the features and benefits of the Graco 395 ST Pro airless paint sprayer:

Swivel Uptake Hose 

The Graco Ultra 395 features a swivel uptake hose, which allows you to spray effortlessly from separate paint canisters, making your work more efficient. You won’t have to keep refilling the same container repeatedly.

EasyOut Filter

Filters are crucial components in paint sprayers as they prevent old, dried and set paint from your earlier projects from contaminating your work.

The Graco 395 Ultra has a sizable 200 mm (7.8-inch) filter, which reduces clogs and ensures that your chosen material moves smoothly through the unit. The filter also has an EasyOut feature with an inside-out technique that makes cleaning it easier.

ProConnect Effortless Pump Interchange

The Graco paint sprayer 395 incorporates a novel and trademarked pump mechanism that enhances on-site maintenance. It permits you to effortlessly and rapidly replace the pump, with minimal tools and downtime. This could be crucial if you’re a time-pressed contractor.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

The included spray gun in the Graco sprayer 395 reduces finger fatigue while providing precise control. It’s one of the lightest spray guns in its category, so you won’t get tired carrying it around, and the trigger requires around 50 percent less force than comparable models.

You can also adjust the trigger length quickly with the E-Z feature, making it ideal for hands of all sizes. The ProConnect replacement cartridge combines all components in a single configuration, making it easy to replace perishable parts and needles.

Smart-Control 1.0 

The Ultra 395 Graco features a bespoke pressure controller, known as SmartControl 1.0 — permitting consistent and reliable medium transmission. Intuitive, it automatically tailors the engine’s rapidity and grunt to suit your coating mediums.

Hardworking TEFC DC Motor

The high-torque TEFC DC motor in the 395 Graco Nova paint sprayer provides power and efficiency during your paint-spraying projects. 

Its motor actively circulates air from the outside through the system, and it’s encased in a unit designed to protect against the elements, moisture, dust and paint. This paint sprayer is suitable for all residential and commercial projects.

Overall, the Graco Ultimate Nova 395 paint sprayer is an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its numerous features and benefits make it efficient, durable and easy to use.

Graco Sprayers 395 vs 390: Which One Is Right for You?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compared the Graco 395 and 390 airless paint sprayers. While both are designed for professionals and home improvement enthusiasts, there are some differences between them that you should consider before making a purchase.

Of the two, the Graco Ultra 395 paint sprayer is the most powerful, with a 0.875 HP engine that delivers a maximum output level of 2.05 litres per minute (0.54 gal every sixty seconds). The Graco 390, on the other hand, has a 0.625 HP engine that drives at most 1.78 litres per minute (0.47 gal every sixty seconds). 

The higher flow rate of the Graco Ultimate Nova 395 electric airless sprayer makes it more efficient and ideal for larger projects — but the Graco 390 is still a reliable option for most residential and commercial jobs.

Both the Graco 395 and 390 have some corresponding factors and specs, but the Graco 390 lacks the Pro-Connect® system, making it more complicated to replace the crucial pumping powerhouse in the middle of your project.

The Graco 395’s more powerful motor means it will complete your work more rapidly, but both units are efficient at completing painting tasks.

Titan 440 Versus Graco 395: Which One Comes Out on Top?

If you’re looking for a strong competitor to the Graco 395, you might consider the Titan Airless Sprayer 440. 

The Graco 395 and the Titan Spray Machine 440 boast 0.875 HP engines and have a max. output of 3300 PSI (227 bar). They’re equally suitable for home and industrial jobs and a vast spectrum of coating materials — like varnish, lacquer, latexes, and enamels.

While these two paint sprayers are highly rated by professionals and DIYers alike, the Graco 395 has a more ergonomic design than the Titan Sprayer Airless 440. The Ultra 395’s easy-fit system mixed with the swivelling grip, makes it more comfortable to use than the Titan.

What Do Users Feel Towards the Graco 395?

Reviews from users highlight the Graco 395’s ability to provide immaculate coats and its flexibility with different mediums and sizes of projects. That said, more inexperienced home users mentioned that the Graco 395 was somewhat complicated to operate and perform initial setting-up.

Overall, the Graco 395 is a reliable and efficient paint sprayer that’s suitable for both professional and DIY use. If you’re looking for a more powerful option, the Graco 395 is the way to go.

Graco 395 Ultra


The Ultra 395 is a brawny and ergonomic airless paint sprayer that delivers professional results for both home and trade-grade jobs.

It comes equipped with various Graco features that make it easy to use, maintain, and adjust to different spray settings. Its pressure control system ensures precise results, while the straightforward filter changeover and ProConnect rapid pump replacement make maintenance a breeze.

In summary, the Graco 395 airless paint sprayer is an excellent all-rounder for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts. 

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Graco Ultra 395 Paint Sprayer FAQs

Which Is the Best — Titan Sprayers or Graco Machines?

It’s difficult to determine which brand is better as Titan sprayers and Graco machines both offer a range of paint sprayers with unique features suited for different projects. Yet, the units offered by Graco deliver welcome downtime-preventing benefits — giving them an advantage over Titan models.

Which Airless Painting Sprayer is Best?

The answer depends on your painting job types and the mediums you plan to use. However, the Graco Ultra 395 paint sprayer is a versatile tool — suitable for a plethora of tasks and coating liquids.

What Paint Spraying Machines Are Used by Pros? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different professionals have different preferences depending on their project requirements. However, the Graco 395 airless paint sprayer is popular among many professionals due to its downtime-preventing measures that allow for swift and professional finishes.

What Is the Best, a Pneumatic or Airless Painting Spray Machine?

When it comes to efficiency, airless sprayers — for example, the 395 from Graco — may cost more than compressor-powered sprayers but deliver a more pleasing final coat more quickly. They’re also capable of spraying industrial paints.

Where Can I Find a Graco 395 Paint Sprayer for Sale?

The 395 airless paint spraying machine from Graco is a prosumer-grade machine that offers impressive grunt combined with reliable durability. If you’re searching online for a Graco Ultra 395 airless paint sprayer for sale — here is the Graco Paint Sprayer Ultra 395 price.

Where Can I Find the Nova 395 Paint Sprayer Manual?

The official Graco website hosts a plethora of user guides for all its paint sprayers. To save you time, here is the direct link to the Ultra 395 paint sprayer manual.

Is the Nova 395 Paint Sprayer Price Expensive?

No. Considering the pro-grade features and robust build of the Graco 395, it’s a surprisingly affordable machine.