Unique Tool Gifts and Tool Art 

Australian Handmade Gifts Expertly Crafted From Recycled Tools

The Best Tool Gifts for Hardware-Obsessed Blokes

There’s nothing more a genuine, hard-working Aussie bloke loves more than his tools — well, apart from original and handcrafted unique tool gifts!

Attractive, bold, and definitely one-offs, these lovingly upcycled pieces solve the age-old problem — what to buy the guys for their birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day and other special occasions!

That said, if you’re a hardware nut…there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself!

Admittedly, landscape prints, family portraits, and ornate murals all have a deserved place in your home. But why not add a little originality and Aussie masculinity with one-of-a-kind wall art?

Ideal as a garage talking piece, man-cave decoration, or novelty office hanging — your buddies will be begging you for the artist’s contact details!

Speaking of which, the creator of these amazing unique tool gift ideas comes from the workshop of the original Tool Cobber — Grandpa Bernd. 

I’ll allow him to explain…

Handcrafted Men’s Gift Ideas Australia From Sydney-Local Bernd


How It All Began

For over a decade of my childhood, I lived in China.

My most lucid and fond memories from that time include the untold numbers of no-nonsense street hawkers and repairers. These hard-grafting blokes would be there day after day, in all weathers, retailing and fixing goods — often, with the most basic of hand tools.

For me, it was absolutely fascinating.

Their skilled work, rugged yet deft hands, and ability to transform damaged items into workable products was transfixing. I’d watch and chat with them for hours — they were at the same time entertainers, artisans, and friends.

And, I believe this is how my obsession with craftsmanship and everything tool-based began.

As the adage says — do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

And that’s exactly what I did.

From Career to Hobby

As an adult back in Australia, my entire working life was centred around tools — initially involved in the import and distribution of hardware, and later in the retail of equipment. It was my complete passion.

And, when I reluctantly retired, tools became my hobby.

Whether I’m collecting vintage kit, restoring rusty cast-offs, or giving discarded hardware second life as tool art work — I’m most happy and content.

Yet, not only does this equipment become attractive home, garage, or office decor pieces — but also, most continue being completely functional. A vital part of my creative process is ensuring that while looking incredible, the tools remain honest and true to their original identity and purpose.

Now, I want to share my passion with you — by creating these original and unique gifts for tool lovers. I’ve curated my favourite pieces on this page for you to enjoy — or, if you wish, you can visit my personal gallery by appointment.

Even if you’re not tempted to own one of my creations — I sincerely hope that they encourage and inspire you to think twice before throwing away an old or damaged tool. And, perhaps, give them a second chance as a wall hanging, ornament, or sculpture.


Tool gifts for men.

Handmade Tool Art From Bernd

Whether you’re looking for unique tool gifts for dad, novel tool art for the special guy in your life, or simply want to treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind hobby-focused present — we have the most original mens gifts in Australia.

No two of these gorgeous and bold items are alike! That’s the beauty and allure of transforming old and recycled tools into industrial, almost brutalist art — together with allowing once-loved kit to live again, reawakening its inner form and function.

Today, in the 21st century, our society is more aware than ever of the importance, necessity, and pressing requirement of recycling. With our birthday, anniversary, and Fathers Day gifts from Australia, you and your loved one have peace of mind — knowing that your phenomenal artwork is lovingly crafted from preloved and reutilised tools.

Let’s have a look at some of Bernd’s — that is Grandpa Cobber’s — latest projects…


Husband, Buddy, Grandad and Dad Gift Ideas from Sydney, Australia

Tyre Iron Wall Hanging


Original 16-piece tri-colour (red, black, and silver) multi-size tyre wrench wall hanging. Framed in a red border and mounted onto pegboard.

Dimensions: 450 x 600 mm


Pipe Wrench


Unique vari-sized pipe wrench wall hanging. Framed in a black border and mounted onto pegboard. Incorporates 11 pieces, including bold and nut, rollnut, and novel off-set pattern wrench.

Rock and Mason Tools


An ideal gift for stone, slab, and brick enthusiasts. 14 pieces, including bull points, tracers, chippers, and a brick chisel. Framed in a red border and mounted onto pegboard.

Dimensions: 450 x 600 mm

Tool Art Welding 


Incredibly striking and unique monotone welded wall sculpture. Unrepairable tools artisanally fused together — organically creating their own border. Can also be used as a fence panel, bench top, when set in resin, or table top under glass. Available in black, red, or silver.

Dimensions: These unique pieces are built to order.

Tradesman Tin Snips


One-of-a-kind, 12-piece tin snip hanging. Befitting for craftspersons, hobbyists, metalworkers, and plumbers. Vari-coloured tools, bordered attractively by a red frame and mounted onto pegboard.

Dimensions: 450 x 600 mm

Open-End Spanners


Stunning multi-piece wall hanging, featuring a multitude of spanners of various sizes and brands — collected over many years. Bold red tools complemented by a matching border and pegboard mounted — they’re useable kit in the event of an emergency.

Dimensions: 600 x 900 mm



Spectacular multi-tone grip set, including pliers and mole grips. 15 pieces of recycled metal equipment vertically mounted onto pegboard — bordered by an unpretentious black frame.

Combination Pliers


Arresting orbicular combination plier wall hanging. Features vari-colour tools with both raw metal and insulated twin handles. A definite one-off, this 15-piece wall art is complemented by a red border and mounted onto pegboard.

Dimensions: 450 x 600 mm

Parallel Spanners


Eye-catching 45-piece, two-tone spanner wall decoration strikingly arranged into a 45-degree parallel pattern. Its red frame enhances the matching coloured tools within the art, and all equipment is securely attached onto solid pegboard.

Carpenter’s Pincers


Exceptional 15-piece carpenter’s pincer display. Crafted with bold yet understated black, semi-matt-finished tools — it boasts a complimentary frame and pegboard mount. Ideal for woodworking and joinery enthusiasts.

Husband, Boyfriend and Dad Tool Gifts

Unique, striking, and definite talking pieces — Grandpa Cobber’s recycled tool art is the ultimate original gift for the special bloke in your life.

All skilfully handcrafted, no two pieces are the same. The ideal Father’s Day, Birthday, and Christmas presents — Grandpa Cobber can even create personal bespoke art, focusing on themes or tools most applicable to your guy’s interests and passions.

Don’t go for the tired staples of aftershave, socks, or slippers — treat your important bloke to the most phenomenal and unique tool gifts.