ToolCobber had the chance to chat to Blake and the team from Tiny Solar HomesSo here are some of the things we learnt.

Can you tell us a bit about Tiny Solar Homes and what you do?

We build Luxury tiny homes with the option to be completely off the grid and self-sustainable. Our Tiny Solar Homes are classed as caravans so they do not require the same council approvals as granny flats, houses, small homes or other mobile homes.


Off The Grid Tiny Solar Homes

Who has your business been able to help? 

Our clients have mainly been those with farms and don’t want to get council approvals for their holiday homes. We have also serviced those in suburbia, using our Tiny Solar Homes as granny flats that don’t take 2 years to get councils approvals. 

What are the top benefits of Tiny Solar Homes? 

Tiny Solar Homes have the potential to be off grid, they are built by licenced builders with over 30 years experience and are build using long lasting materials that can handle the harsh Australian climate.

Where can Tiny Solar Homes be used? 

Granny flats, hosting accommodation, holiday homes, teenagers retreat, home offices, and even a temporary living solution.

Quality Tiny Solar Homes

 Background to the business – how did you get started?

Having a building company we see a lot of near new work go to landfill. Now we can offer a sustainably built Tiny Solar Home, where materials are chosen with an end of life cycle and off grid living solutions meaning you don’t need to plug into the grid to run your home. We want to make a business our kids will want to be a part of!

Why would users buy a Tiny Solar Home rather than any other tiny home?

Sustainably built

We use better products

Aluminium trailer frame and cladding means there will be no rust and will last forever

Sheeting to entire underside of trailer -to keep pests and moisture out while also holding the insulation in place

Stone benchtops and polyurethane door panels to all cabinetry

Legs on every home for stability and levelling

Sustainable Tiny Solar Homes

What do I need for site setup?

Flat (ish) block of land. Our 10 drop down legs mean we don’t require concrete slabs or piers and can adjust our homes to level by winding up our legs.

A water source or we can provide a water tank 

A sewer connection point, otherwise we can provide a eco-toilet 

How can people take the next step to work with you? 

Get in touch via our website or phone call on 0418 411 099. You can book a tour or request more information through our website

Thank you Blake it has been awesome finding out more about Tiny Solar Homes and the amazing quality work you do for your clients,


Tiny Home by Tiny Solar Homes