Abrasive sheets are described by their grit size. Coarser grit sizes are used for sanding work where a lot of material is required to be removed. Finer grit sizes are used for the final sanding process before a finish is applied

–       Paper Clamps

–       Hook and loop

–       The sanding discs for this type of sander use aluminium oxide grit as the abrasive, bonded to a strong backing fabric. If the sander has a through-the-pad dust extraction system, the sheets have holes in them that coincide with holes in the sanding pad, allowing the machine to draw dust up through the pad as you work.

–       Make sure that the discs you buy are compatible with your make of sander – not all brands are interchangeable

–       There is a range of disc grades, from coarse, for fast removal of material, to extra fine for finishing work.

Different types of  Sandpaper

–       Wet & Dry

–       Garnet

–       Non-clog

–       Etc….

Making sandpaper video from Norton!

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