Overview Of Makita Power Tools

The Makita tool company was founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. It became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell electric planers in 1958, and in 1969, it produced the first rechargeable cordless drill.

For the 45 years since, Makita has worked to build a steady position as a manufacturer of portable power tools and, today, continues its quest forward to provide products and services that are beneficial to all types of customers engaged in housing construction.

Every Makita tool is a distinctive blue/green colour (white models are also sold exclusively in America). Makita also manufacture affordable, entry-level trade tools. This is done through their Maktec (orange in colour) and M-Series (green in colour) brands.

Cost: ★★★★☆

Quality Of Makita Power Tools

Every Makita tool is designed for trade use.

Quality: ★★★★☆


Each Makita tool has a 12 month repair warranty.

Warranty: ★★½☆☆


For more information and any enquiries on the company and its products, please see the Makita website.

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