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Introduction to AEG Power Tools

With equipment that the manufacturer states to be Perfekt in Form und Funktion — I guess you can translate that from the German yourself — AEG Power Tools targets the serious DIYer and trade pro with its vast product range. 

Since its establishment in 1887, the AEG name has become synonymous with impressive durability, German engineering reliability, and consistent innovation. With a line-up that includes everything from line trimmers and lawnmowers to saws and staplers — it has a tool for every job.

But, with a somewhat controversial history and questions about its target market — is the brand as perfekt as it wants you to believe?

This is your uncompromising and unadulterated AEG power tools review — pulling back the curtain on the brand’s products, background, and pros and cons.

History of AEG Power Tools

The History of AEG Power Tools

How It All Began

In 1865, Emil Moritz Rathenau, was a somewhat nondescript partner in a modest Berlin machine manufacturing plant. The business performed okay, but the 27-year-old Emil felt uninspired, unchallenged, and to be fair — pretty bored with life. So, after a few more years of stagnating — he eventually sold his shareholding in 1873 and decided to travel instead of working.

A long Grand Tour through Europe, the Baltic states, and the USA ensued. Yet still, nothing sparked the interest or joy in this hard-to-please German. Until, that is, he attended the Paris International Exposition of Electricity in 1881. 

Witnessing first-hand Edison’s new ‘invention,’ the incandescent light bulb, Emil finally discovered excitement and passion, pondering the immense opportunity — and no-doubt money — that emerging electrical products could deliver. Whether he actually knew Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, he just patented and marketed it, isn’t in the history books.

Returning to his native Germany, still buzzing from seeing a lightbulb — it would’ve been a big thing, I guess, if you’d never seen one before — Emil Rathenau established the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für Angewandte Elektrizität (the German Edison Company for Applied Electricity). Its sole function was to build and retail under licence Edison’s electrical products.

Emil, believing the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für Angewandte Elektrizität name wasn’t exactly catchy nor memorable, renamed it in 1888 to Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electric Company). Then, probably figuring that this moniker still was too long to fit neatly onto a power tool — he eventually decided on AEG.

Not a man to simply dwell on melancholic musings, he resolved to make a difference — to create Australia’s first, home-grown, generic power tool brand for the home-improver market. Energised by his ambitious decision, he set to work on forging a robust and explosive brand name.

AEG Power Tools

The Growth of AEG

Over the next few years, AEG grew rapidly. Moving away from a reliance on Edison’s inventions (or thefts, depending on your point of view), the company began its own in-house innovation. This led to some of the world’s most creative and novel products:

  • Invention of the hairdryer (1900).
  • Building the world’s fastest railcar (1903).
  • Invention of the tape recorder, the Magnetophon (1935).

By 1923, it had grown to be the largest manufacturer in Germany, and in the top ten in the world. However, while Emil was able to enjoy the increasing success of his operation, his death in 1915 meant that he never saw his beloved business achieve worldwide success.

Market Diversification and the Present Day

After the War, AEG followed a 50-year path of significant expansion, building subsidiaries in a multitude of fields, including energy-efficient machines, mobile technology, water treatment, home appliances, and of course, power tools.

Today, the brand is owned by Electrolux (since 1994), has an annual turnover of $7.6B, and employs 22k people.

Who Makes AEG Tools

Who Makes AEG Tools?

Since 2009, AEG Power Tools (AEG Elektrowerkzeuge) has been produced under licence by the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI).

And, where is AEG made? It utilises manufacturing hubs in Europe, Mexico, the United States, Vietnam, and China — with many individual tool units typically housing components from more than one location source. Despite its multinational approach, AEG stresses that German engineering and design lie behind all its kit.

Using TTI as the manufacturer and licensee often leads to some understandable confusion as to the true nature of AEG tools. Check out any online tool forum, and questions such as:

  • Are Milwaukee and AEG the same?
  • Is there a difference between AEG vs Ryobi?
  • Are Ridgid power tools Australia the same as AEG?

    The truth is, TTI manufactures power tools for a multitude of well-known companies. Most brands under the Techtronic umbrella — such as Milwaukee, Vax, Dirt Devil, and Hoover — have unique models unavailable under different marques. 

    However, others, such as AEG and Ridgid, are the same machines sold under different names depending on the country. In this case, Ridgid is the brand used in the USA for AEG.

    Are AEG Tools Any Good?

    Built on a foundation of engineering innovation, AEG tools are considered by many users to be reliable, durable, and powerful.

    Although marketed by AEG to be purely trade-pro focused, the majority of industry professionals consider them to be more prosumer-to-light-contractor suitable. That said, their solid no-nonsense warranties offer reassurance, and are a testament to the robustness of the build.

    Admittedly, hardcore users and craftsmen are more likely to go for the premium-level Hilti, Fein, or Makita. But, for the serious amateur, or as use as a backup machine — AEG power tools are ideal.

    AEG Power Tools Warranty

    AEG Power Tools Warranty

    Standard and Extended Warranties

    Delivering immense peace of mind, the AEG Warranties are comprehensive and lengthy — but only if you register!

    All tools, cases, and accessories come with a standard warranty — which, depending on the product, can range from three months to three years. However, if you complete the AEG online registration, you receive an extended warranty, which is then added to the standard protection.

    For example, all cordless products come with a standard guarantee of 36 months — you don’t have to do anything. However, if you complete the AEG tools registration within 30 days of purchase, you receive another 36 months — meaning a massive six years of protection.

    The length of the guarantees is as follows:



    Standard Warranty


    Extended Warranty


    Total Warranty






    Cases for Storage




    Non-Power Tools








    Pneumatic Tools




    Laser Measurers








    AEG Cordless Tools




    Corded Tools





    To register your tool, head over to aegpowertools com au register.

    How to Make a Warranty Claim

    As long as your tool is still under the standard warranty — or you have taken advantage of the extended guarantee by joining the AEG power tools warranty register — you can make a claim through the following process:

    1. Call the AEG Australia warranty helpline on 1300 234 797.
    2. The AEG Customer Service Team will advise you of your nearest authorised service centre.
    3. Present your tool, warranty, and original invoice/receipt to the service centre.

    Your tool will be covered in respect of faulty workmanship and defects. However, AEG will not reimburse, repair, or replace your equipment in the event of:

    • Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the machine.
    • Breakdowns due to repairs made by a non-authorised service centre.
    • Expected wear and tear.
    • Abuse or neglect.
    • Dirt, moisture, and water ingress.

    For a full explanation of the claims process, and what is/isn’t covered under the guarantee, check out the official AEG Australia Warranty page. Bear in mind, this is for Australian tool owners, if you’re located elsewhere in the world — visit your region’s local AEG website.

    Are AEG Tools Any Good

    The AEG Powertools Product Range

    From grinders to grease guns, the AEG battery tools and corded units range address garage, home, and garden needs.

    While not an exhaustive list, their main product line-up comprises of:

    Power Tools

    • Pneumatic air compressors.
    • Air pumps.
    • Caulk guns.
    • Cordless combo kits.
    • AEG drill tools — rotary, hammer, and AEG cordless drill.
    • Grinders.
    • Heat guns.
    • Impact wrenches and drivers.
    • Electric, corded, and pneumatic nail guns.
    • Multitools.
    • Routers, jointers, sanders, and planers.
    • Riveting tools.
    • Saws.
    • Staplers.

    Garage and Garden

    • Blowers and vacuums.
    • Lighting, heating, coolers, and fans.
    • Greasing guns.
    • Brushcutters.
    • Pruners.
    • Chainsaws.
    • Lawnmowers.
    • Line and hedge trimmers.
    • Garden post diggers.
    • Fertiliser and irrigation sprayers.

    Accessories and Sundries

    • Chargers and battery packs.
    • On-site music speakers and radios.
    • Storage cases and boxes.
    • Spare parts and attachments.
    The Growth of AEG

    AEG Battery Types and Sizes

    Featuring just two cell sizes — 18 volts and 58 volts — the AEG cordless line-up is significantly more straightforward than many brands on the market. Milwaukee, for example, has around six battery variations.

    The 18-volt units range is huge, driving the majority of their handheld battery-driven tools. And, with the cells usable across different types of kit — and also backward compatible — you don’t have to buy a new battery every time you get your hands on a new AEG tool.

    The 18-volt power packs boast a drop-proof shell — designed to withstand hardcore use on work sites. Furthermore, many of the 18-volt units feature brushless motors — increasing the powerhouses’ longevity and elevating the running time allowed from a single charge.

    The 58-volt line-up — focusing almost exclusively on outdoor machines — delivers an impressive combination of power and operation time. Claimed by AEG to be the world’s only true petrol-power alternative, the range includes tools such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, and blowers.

    AEG 18-Volt Cells

    • AEG 18-volt 2.0 Ah battery — low-demand tools.
    • AEG 18-volt 4.0 Ah battery — medium-demand tools.
    • AEG 18-volt 6.0 Ah battery — medium-to-high tools.
    • AEG 18-volt 9.0 Ah battery — high-demand tools.

    AEG 58-Volt Cells

    • AEG 58-volt 4.0 Ah battery — medium-demand tools.
    • AEG 58-volt 8.0 Ah battery — high-demand tools.

    In addition to cells, the AEG brand also retails a number of charging units — including single, two, and six-port models — permitting you to replenish more than one battery at a time. That said, there are currently no chargers compatible across both 18 and 58-volt cells.

    AEG Powertools Product Range

    AEG Official Website

    Providing its products worldwide, the brand has a multitude of specific geographic websites to service customers locally — including the UK, USA, New Zealand, China, Japan, and Africa. While generally similar in layout, they differ mainly in the range of tools available and the warranties provided.

    In Australia, the website is located at

    Assuming you reside in Australia, it’s crucial that you use this URL to ensure you have access to the correct information.

    Key subdomains within the website for Aussie users include:

    Using the Australian website is straightforward. Simple drop-down menus permit you to easily locate the types of tools you’re interested in — while an intuitive search function allows you to look for specific tools or make more general enquiries.

    The Downsides of AEG Tools

    Generally speaking, there are a few disadvantages to owning AEG equipment. The units are solidly built, perform as described, and permit welcome cross-platform cordless cell compatibility.

    If you read many online AEG power tools reviews, the key criticism is the brand’s own marketing — in that it describes their machines as professional-focused, while in truth they’re at best prosumer machines.

    While more than capable of standing up to serious home use or light contractor work — they lack the hardcore robustness demanded for the challenging environment of construction and work sites.

    Furthermore, they frequently allude to the Germanic efficiency and reliability of its tools — which is a little misleading. AEG is owned by the Swedish company Electrolux AB, the units are produced under licence by the Hong Kong-based TTI, and are manufactured in a number of worldwide locations, including China.

    AEG Tools Conclusion

    If you want tools that are solidly built and deliver pleasing performance — it’s worth considering the AEG range.

    Backed by over a century of innovation and experience, the brand offers a plethora of machines across a multitude of home-improvement and garden formats. And, supported by lengthy warranties — as long as you register — its units offer significant peace of mind.

    Admittedly, they may lack the durability for the extreme pro user, are somewhat on the price-heavy side for non-trade use, and they’re about as German as Kung Pao chicken.

    But, if you’re in the market for a prosumer tool that’s more than a match for its competitors — check out the AEG Power Tools line-up.

    Downsides of AEG Tools

    AEG Tools FAQs

    Where Are AEG Tools Made?

    Many online AEG power tools review websites incorrectly state that AEG products are made in Germany. While admittedly, the country does have an AEG factory, the majority of its products are made elsewhere in the EU, Mexico, the USA, China, and Vietnam.

    Who Owns AEG?

    Electrolux AB — a Swedish company — has owned the AEG brand since 1994. And, from 2009 to the present day, AEG tools are manufactured under licence by the Hong Kong-based TTI.

    Where Can I Find AEG Tools for Sale

    You can purchase AEG tool units from Amazon, online from Bunnings, or from local authorised dealers.

    Are AEG Battery-Powered Tools Any Good?

    Yes! With many machines incorporating brushless motor technology, AEG battery-powered units deliver pleasing running times from a single charge. Online AEG cordless power tools reviews frequently testify to the reliability and robust build of the battery packs.

    And, with its 18-volt range cross and backwards compatible — you don’t have to invest in a multitude of power cells.

    Overview Of AEG Power Tools

    AEG tools are a division of Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft (which translates to General Electricity Company), a company founded in Berlin in 1887 that first produced electric light bulbs. The company went on to produce the first transportable drilling machines in 1898, and have since produced everything from cars, trains, power tools and electric machines to instruments, nuclear power, motors, microelectronics and more, all “Perfekt in Form und Funktion.”

    AEG tools have undergone many aesthetic changes, from black, to blue, to its current orange colour, but the quality of their tools have been consistently maintained.

    The rights to produce AEG-branded power tools have recently been licensed to Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong based company who also manufacture Milwaukee and Ryobi power tools. AEG tools are branded as Ridgid in America.

    Cost: ★★★★☆


    AEG tools are designed for trade use.

    Quality: ★★★★☆


    AEG tools have a 6 year extended product warranty and a 3 year extended battery warranty (for cordless tools) with online registration. This is the longest product warranty offered in both Australia and New Zealand.

    All AEG tools purchased before 1 January 2013 have a 3 year standard repair warranty.

    Warranty: ★★★★★

    AEG Website

    For more information and any enquiries on the company and its products, please see the AEG website.

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