Workplace safety and compliance is an important topic. Tool Cobber had the chance to chat with Glen Fitzgerald from Worx Safety to find out more about the amazing Worx Safety Management Software. How it’s helping businesses take control and be confident with their workplace safety.

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Tell me a bit about your business, and what do you do?

WorxSafety is a safety management software for businesses to effectively manage their WHS compliance. We are constantly making improvements based on the feedback from our clients about how we can make their lives easier with regards to managing safety. Our goal is to continuously improve our system to ensure it is simple to use from a company owner to a worker and everything in between.

Glen, what are some of the industries and professions you’ve been able to help with your Worx Safety management software?

Many of our clients are situated within the construction industry, including builders and trade contractors. We cater beyond construction as well, into logistics, maintenance contractors, aged care facilities, and even franchise gyms. We are eager to venture into other industries and provide our services to all forms of businesses.

So, tell me, what are the top benefits businesses working with your platform say they achieve?

WorxSafety is based on creating a system that is easy to use for all stakeholders, saves time on site, and reduces the need for any paper based safety documentation, helping businesses be more environmentally conscious. One of our prominent clients in the construction industry is Masterton Homes, who are using our software to manage safety across all of their projects. They are a large scale residential builder who are benefiting greatly from using WorxSafety to manage their onsite & company safety.

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How did you get started with Worx Safety? 

I started out in the construction industry as a plumber and builder, meaning I understood the need for an easy to use safety system to save time on site and enhance processes across a business. Industry experience helped the directors in creating a system that caters to the needs of trade businesses and other industries. The three directors bring to the table a combined 60 years of industry experience, allowing us to collaborate and share innovation in creating the WorxSafety platform.

We saw a need for a quality, easy-to-use safety management system and the need was a real problem for businesses — causing a lot of extra work, and headaches. Plus, businesses not knowing if they had actually got it right.

That’s amazing, so Worx Safety has been developed for ease of use by the whole team and also covers all compliance requirements of SafeWork legislation. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Worx Safety? 

Not only does our software help manage onsite safety, but clients with ISO accredited systems can port all of their documentation onto our portal to manage all of their documentation, registers, and forms.

Thank you Glen, it’s great to find out more about Worx Safety and who you’ve been able to help. If businesses want to know more about how you can help them with an easy-to-use Safe Work program, what should they do? 

Call Worx Safey or  arrange a demo of  Worx Safety Software Management.

We would be happy to have a chat and demo the platform.