Safety Precautions

Power Tool Safety Precautions

Safety with power tools is of utmost importance and should always be in the forefront of your mind. Using power tools in the correct way with the necessary safety precautions is the most effective way to protect yourself. Through the below illustrations and descriptions, this section gives you simple instructions and recommendations for operating power tools in a safe manner.

Read The Manual

Read all safety warnings and instructions that come with the tool and fully familiarise yourself with all its functions.


Always use personal protective equipment when operating power tools.

Keep Others Clear

Make sure you keep children and bystanders away whilst operating a power tool of any sort.

Keep Dry

Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions, as water and electricity are not a safe combination.

Keep Clean

Keep your work area clean and well lit, and regularly check for hazards.

Check It's Off

Ensure the switch is in the off position before you connect to power source and/or battery pack.

Do Not Carry By Cord

Never use the cord for carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool.

Disconnect To Change

Disconnect the power tool from the power source before changing accessories or storing.

Remove Adjusting Tools

Remove any adjusting key or wrench before turning the power tool on.

Maintain Your Tools

Maintain your power tool. If it is damaged, have it repaired before use.

Use The Tool For It's Purpose

Always use your power tool within the scope of its capabilities and in accordance with the instruction manual.

Keep Clothing Close

Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry, and keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts.

Be Alert

Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.

Secure The Work

Always secure the work piece with clamps or a vice for a safe and sturdy working environment.

Hold Correctly

Hold the power tool only by the correct insulated handles to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Do Not Force

Do not force the power tool. Use the correct power tool and accessories for your application.

Beware of Danger

Do not operate power tools in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust.

Store Properly

Always secure your power tools in a clean, cool, dry place when not in use.

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