Overview Of Rupes Power Tools

Rupes is an Italian tool company that was founded in 1947 shortly after World War II. The name itself is an acronym for ‘Realizzazione Utensili Pneumatici Elettrici Speciali’ (Manufacturer of Special Pneumatic & Electric Tools).

In 1951 they launched the first electric sander – the STORK 123 – and in 1968 they produced the first electric random orbital sander. They also became one of the first manufacturers to introduce technical polymer into their tools – a new plastic developed in collaboration with Bayer. This material significantly improved the lightness, solidity and electrical insulation of their tools and became the international standard for years to come.

All Rupes tools are assembled manually by expert technicians. Rupes also manufactures its own motors for its electric tools. Before being packaged, each tool undergoes an additional series of extensive tests aimed at excluding all potential defects.

Rupes prides itself on being intuitive, quick, creative and innovative, with the development of products focused on providing a solution for every step in a professional tool user’s work process. These principles combined with the exceptionally high quality of their products have made them one of the leading players in the international professional tool market.

The company’s head office is currently located in Vermezzo near Milan, Italy.

The exclusive distributor for Rupes tools in Australia is GNG Sales who have been selling the brand since 2006.

Cost: ★★★★★

Quality Of Rupes Power Tools

Rupes tools are craftsman tools designed for professional use.

Quality: ★★★★★


Rupes tools have a 12 month warranty offered through GNG Sales. The 1+2 warranty for Skorpio products is also offered upon registration of these tools on the Rupes website.

Warranty: ★★★½☆


For more information on the company and its products, please see the official Rupes website. For product availability and pricing in Australia as well as all other enquiries please visit GNG Sales.

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