Overview Of REMS Power Tools

REMS is a German tool company founded in 1909 by Christian Föll. It specializes in developing tools for professionals in the pipe working industry and lives by a stipulation of the company founder that “REMS must be superior.”

REMSREMS prides itself on offering a technically advanced and high quality tightly concentrated product range that provides highly competitive prices thanks to advanced in-house production.

If there is one thing REMS are known for it is their in-house steel hardening. REMS believes that a tool can only meet the demands of the field if critical components are perfectly hardened and therefore highly durable and extremely resilient. For this reason they harden components themselves using a proprietary computer monitored process that ensures uniformly high product quality. Special heat treatment leads to an ideal combination of solidity and robustness resulting in an especially long durability.

The company also relies on its long-term highly-qualified employees that provide an essential level of knowledge and experience.

Production is conducted in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany. All REMS products are Made in Germany and are only sold through specialist dealers. The primary Australian distributor for REMS tools is Ancra International.

Cost: ★★★★★

Quality Of REMS Power Tools

REMS tools are craftsman tools designed for professional use.

Quality: ★★★★★


REMS tools are backed by a 12 month warranty from date purchase with a sales receipt. In addition, if a REMS press tool is serviced within the first 12 months the warranty is extended to 12 months from the date of service.

Warranty: ★★½☆☆


For more information on the company and its products, please see the official REMS website. For product availability and pricing in Australia as well as all other enquiries please visit Ancra International.

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