Overview Of Baier Power Tools

Baier was founded in 1938 in Stuttgart-Münster, Germany. In 1953 the company invented the world’s first serviceable percussion drill machine, with inventions of the world’s first metal cutting handsaw and wall chaser following shortly after. Today they manufacture “Machines made for the PRO,” with their range mainly focusing on diamond drilling, sawing and dust extraction.

Every Baier machine is made from only premium quality materials and manufactured with the highest diligence and expertise. Each is designed as a high-quality and technically sophisticated power tool for trade and industry, for even the most demanding of requirements. All are still developed and manufactured in Germany to this day.

The company is constantly in pursuit of innovation, driven and guided by core values of Diligence, Experience and Know-how.

Along with subsidiaries in Denmark, France and Italy, Baier now distribute their tools world-wide.

Cost: ★★★★★

Quality Of Baier Power Tools

Baier tools are designed for professional use.

Quality: ★★★★★


Baier tools are backed by a 12 month warranty with Baier Germany.

Warranty: ★★½☆☆


For more information on the company and its products, please see the official Baier website. As there is currently no Australian distributor, product orders can be made directly to the Baier head office in Germany through contact page on their website.

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